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We now have a new way for you to map crime around you. Just click here and view our new interactive crime mapping tool for Division 5 & 8 or for each beat in Division 5 & 8.  And save it in your favorites to view crime anytime it's updated daily. On the page is a Quickfind tool that allows you to put your address in and subscribe to crime trends, alerts and block watch reports for your police beat. Forward this email to your friends and family!



From Metro Louisville Public Works...

The Effects of Littering During COVID-19

Litter COVID-19

Litter is always bad...but now it's worse! Gloves and masks all over streets and parking lots!

There’s a noticeable difference in the type of trash currently littering our streets and parking lots. It’s not just plastic bags, convenience food packaging, and cigarette butts – it’s latex gloves, masks, and wipes.

These items are being used to protect people from possible COVID-19 contamination, but when they’re not disposed of properly there is a risk of spreading the virus. Proper trash disposal is even more important due to this possibility. According to Keep America Beautiful, this is happening all over the country. As with any type of trash you generate, it is your duty as a responsible citizen to dispose of it properly.

Help keep Louisville’s streets and parking lots clean by not littering. There are typically trash receptacles in front of stores or even in their parking lots. And if not, keep a bag inside your vehicle to place the items in and then put in your trash container at home. This goes for all the other trash too! Metro Public Works Director said, "Another factor to consider is the safety of waste collection workers. Our people are in the front lines every day, making sure the essential work of keeping the city clean is getting done; we ask that you consider their safety. Now more than ever, proper trash disposal is of utter most importance, be our partner and please be responsible with your trash!"

BBB Alert: Beware of COVID-19 Scams

Testing kits. Whether it’s someone going door-to-door offering a COVID-19 testing kit or someone selling them online, don’t fall for this con.

Miracle cures, vaccines, or supplements. When you see an advertisement promoting a miracle cure, vaccine, or supplement to help you fight the coronavirus, just ignore it.

Mask sales. While many people are on the hunt for medical-grade masks, scammers are posting fake websites.

Government checks. If you receive a phone call from a “government representative” saying they need your social security number, banking account number, or other personal information in order to give your relief check, hang up!

Errand assistance. Be wary of strangers who offer to run errands for you. While there are legitimate groups who are offering assistance to those that are in need, there are scammers who are looking to take your prescription medications or your money.

Free gift cards. Some businesses are providing discounts during this time, but if you see an offer for a free gift card, proceed with caution.

Charity and giving. If you are looking to donate, make sure you are donating to legitimate charities.

Junior Achievement Free Online Resources!

jr achieve


Jr Achievement provides Free Online Resources!

With schools closed, Junior Achievement is providing free online resources to families and teachers. We are doing this so our kids can spend more time planning for and dreaming about tomorrow, and less time worrying about today. Junior Achievement is ready to support families and teachers during this period of uncertainty.

The resources are on-line, ready-to-use, include everything needed and are offered for all grade levels. Students can do the lessons on their own, with a parent or guardian, or with their teacher. Access Junior Achievement’s free resources HERE .