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In this Issue...

Message From McCraney

As I shared with you in an earlier issue, one of my goals (resolutions) for 2020 is to be more visible in Frankfort. I want to be intentional about talking to our state legislators and holding them accountable for listening to the needs of Louisville Metro, and particularly the desires of residents in District 7. 

Last week I spent two days in Frankfort lobbying on your behalf. On Tuesday, I joined GLI (Greater Louisville Inc. - Louisville's Chamber of Commerce) for its Advocacy Day. On Wednesday, I joined forces with the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) for its City Day/Night. (Yes, I was there all day, and all night.) These events afford city leaders the opportunity to network, meet with legislators and attend committee meetings as a group. The committee meetings took place in the Capitol Annex, and the legislative sessions took place in the Capitol - either in the House Chambers or the Senate Chambers. While in Frankfort, I spent some time sitting in the balcony Gallery to view our legislators at work.

GLI and KLC stay on the capitol battlefield to monitor bills, talk with legislators and advocate on behalf of everyday citizens. But, it's up to us everyday citizens to make sure the organizations understand exactly what it is we wish for them to advocate.  

According to the website of GLI, the organization is "the voice of the greater Louisville business community in the halls of government in 
Frankfort and Indianapolis, aggressively pursuing pro-growth initiatives, opposing measures harmful to our region, and working to turn the ideas of our business and civic leaders into reality."

To read GLI's incredibly well-written legislative agenda, click here: Read GLI’s 2020 State Legislative Agenda

KLC "serves as the united voice of cities by supporting community innovation, effective leadership and quality governance," according to its website.  To learn about the top issues for cities in the KLC, click here: 2020 Legislative Agenda When you click on this site, you will find a plethora of exciting information, from Bill Tracker to 2019 Update, 2020 Priorities, Videos, and much more!

My advocacy intentions are simple --- understand the issues, find out what each organization or lobbyist is advocating, and make sure they know what is in the best interest of District 7 residents and businesses. Some issues I agree with, and some I don't.  But, it really doesn't matter what I agree with, it matters what YOU deem most important to the viability of your business, or your personal wellbeing and quality of life. That is why it's important to hear from you every once and a while regarding issues that you care about. More importantly, it's crucial that you contact your state representative and state senator to voice your concerns with them. What they are charged with handling on the state level is different (for the most part) than what I am responsible for in local government.

Don't know who your state legislator is?  No problem. To locate the representative for your  area, click here: Link.

To leave a message for any legislator, call the General Assembly’s toll-free Message Line at 1-800-372-7181. People with hearing difficulties may leave messages for lawmakers by calling the Kentucky Relay Service at 711. Additionally, you may call the Legislative Research Commission at (502) 564-8100.

You can write any legislator by sending a letter with the lawmaker’s name to Capitol Annex, 702 Capital Avenue, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-3448.  

While I attend lots of meetings, events, and forums, I forget to take pictures.  I managed to remember to take a few during my two-day journey, and I'm sharing them below.  Some pictures are stock photography of some of the legislators I met with or who spoke to us as a group. I'll try to do a better job next time of capturing the moments. (Lol).  


Our State Capitol

KY Legislature

Here's a look inside the State Legislature where the State Representatives debate and cast votes.  I spent most of my time in the gallery watching and listening.


Pictured with my State Representative, Tina Bojanowski. 

Notice the Backdrop - Free CERS... This would give some relief to our pension problems! The KLC is a staunch supporter of this, as am I!

To put it in perspective:

The County Employees Retirement System (CERS), a part of the Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS), provides retirement benefits to most city employees. CERS is a defined-benefit contribution retirement plan funded only by local governments and their employees. Each year, the KRS Board of Trustees determines how much the city must pay into the system, which includes required cost of living adjustments.

CERS costs are reaching levels that are unsustainable and are projected to increase even more. It is the lumping of CERS into decisions required for the struggling KERS that has KLC and other employer groups calling for separate governance of the local pension system – a CERS board that is free from political influence, regardless of future administrations. KLC warns us that it is vital to the health of CERS, its employers and members that the local pension system is put on a path that ensures decisions are based on what is best for CERS.


Pictured with State Representative Maria Sorolis - District 48, and State Representative Bojanowski, District 32

Representative Sorolis has sponsored the following bills (partial list):

1. HB 7 - Remove prohibition against casino gaming; expand the Lottery Corporation board membership and duties;  include casino licensees; require local option election in any precinct wanting to host a casino.

2. HB 41 - An act relating to full-day kindergarten; full day of instruction.

Representative Bojanowski has sponsored the following bills (partial list):

1. HB 22 - Define corporal punishment; prohibit a person employed by a school district from using corporal physical discipline.

2. HB 26 - Exemption of feminine hygiene products from sales and use taxation.

The following pictures are stock photography of the legislators who spoke with us during our visit to Frankfort.  I thank each of these hardworking individuals for their time and the information they shared.


Robert Stivers II, Senate President - District 25 - Clay, Knox, Lee, Owsley, Whitley, and Wolfe Counties

David Osborne, Speaker of the House - District 59, Oldham County (Part)


Jerry T. Miller, Jefferson County, District 36

Representative Miller has sponsored the following bills (partial list):

1. HB 19 - Adoption of year-round daylight saving time in the state of Kentucky.

2. HB 195 - Give local governments the option to post required advertisements online on a notice website operated by local government in lieu of newspaper publication, so long as a one-time advertisement is published in an actual newspaper to inform public of website posting, etc.


Jason Nemes, Jefferson County, District 33

Representative Nemes has sponsored the following bills (partial list):

1. HB 6 - Restoration of voting rights to persons convicted of felonies upon completion of their sentence.

2. HB 136 - Implementation and regulations of medicinal marijuana (cannabis); establish restrictions on the possession of medicinal marijuana by qualifying patients, visiting patients, and designated caregivers.


Representative Joni L. Jenkins - Minority Floor Leader - Jefferson County, District 44

Representative Jenkins has sponsored the following bills (partial list):

1. HB 30 - An act relating to bullying - include incidents that occur at non-school-sponsored events or through the use of technology in the definition of bullying; require a school district's code of acceptable behavior to include notification procedures for parents in situations of alleged bullying; require school district's code of acceptable behavior to include procedures for restoring a student's sense of safety.

2. HB 38 - An act relating to cosmetic services - permit a cosmetologist, esthetician, or nail technician to operate outside of a licensed establishment for persons with physical mobility limitations, as attested by a physician in writing, or for persons residing in a long-term care nursing facility or assisted living facility.


My State Senator - Julie Raque Adams, Majority Caucus Chair, Jefferson County, District 36

Senator Adams has sponsored the following bills (partial list):

1. SB 15 - Propose a new section of the Constitution of Kentucky to establish a crime victims' bill of rights; submit to voters for vote on this Constitutional amendment. 

2. An act relating to female genital mutilation - create the Class B felony of female genital mutilation; require the Department of Public Health in the Cabinet of Health and Family Services to develop, produce, and disseminate educational materials related to female genital mutilation; require law enforcement training on female genital mutilation; female genital mutilation results in mandatory revocation of physician's license.


Senator Morgan McGarvey, Minority Floor Leader, Jefferson County, District 19

Senator McGarvey has sponsored the following bills (partial list):

1. SB 82 - An act establishing the Kentucky Eating Disorder Council in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services; require annual reporting.

2. An act relating to the tuition waiver for Kentucky foster or adopted children; extend the eligibility time period.

3. Senate Resolution 25 - Commemorating the centennial (100th) anniversary of Kentucky's ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States giving women the right to vote. 

Meet Your Legislators

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Louisville Parks Need Ambassadors

Parks Logo

Do you love parks and want to take a bigger role in your community? Do you believe in taking care of them as you would your own backyard? Louisville Parks and Recreation is seeking 10 Volunteer Ambassadors willing to keep an eye out on their neighborhood parks, help guide volunteer projects and make suggestions for park improvements.

Volunteer Ambassadors must be at least 18 years of age, agree to submit an online application and complete a training led by Louisville Parks and Recreation. The department is hoping Ambassadors will commit to serving one year at a selected park, averaging approximately 1 ½ hours of service work per week. They will also be asked to attend at least one community outreach event during the year on behalf of the parks department and organize at least one volunteer project in their park.

Louisville Parks and Recreation is seeking Ambassadors for the following parks:

  • A.B. Sawyer Park
  • Charlie Vettiner Park
  • Carrie Gaulbert Cox Park
  • Fern Creek Park
  • George Rogers Clark Park
  • Hays Kennedy Park
  • Highview Park
  • Joe Creason Park
  • Lannan Park
  • Long Run Park
  • McNeely Lake Park
  • Petersburg Park
  • Riverview Park
  • Riverview Park
  • Wyandotte Park

Applications will be accepted from February 15th through March 15th. Selected candidates will receive training starting in late March. Applications received after this period may be considered depending on need and training opportunities. Ambassadors will receive Louisville Parks and Recreation gear and additional perks.

For specific questions, and to access the application, please contact the department’s volunteer office at: www.lmprvolunteer@louisvilleky.gov or call (502) 574-6403. 

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Happening at the Main Library

Author Series

Main Library, Tuesday, March 3, 7:00 PM

In the bestselling tradition of The Notorious RBG comes a lively, informative, and illustrated tribute to one of the most exceptional women in American history—Harriet Tubman—a heroine whose fearlessness and activism still resonates today. Join National Book Award nominee Erica Armstrong Dunbar as she discusses She Came to Slay: The Life & Times of Harriet Tubman, a fresh take on an American icon.

This program is free. To register, visit the online form or call the ticket line at (502) 574-1644

Happening at the Northeast Library


News You Can Use

Grow Green Leaves in the Winter

“Always include local nature - the land, the water, the air, the native creatures - within the membership of the community.” — Wendell Berry, Conserving Communities, 1995


Winter weather does not mean you can't grow food! These baby greens are doing just fine inside a high tunnel in South Louisville despite our dips into the teens this past week. If you want to find out more about our Urban High Tunnel Program, contact Lilias Pettit-Scott at urbanagconservationist@gmail.com.

Your Property Tax Assessment


How will the 2020 Property Assessment Affect You? 

The Jefferson County PVA, invites you to join them for a public presentation previewing the 2020 real estate property value reassessment to discuss the valuation process, the public’s right to appeal, and the appeals process. The role of the Jefferson County PVA is to fairly and equitably assess the value of all property. Assessments are an important component in determining property taxes, although the PVA office does not set tax rates or collect taxes. 

The PVA office works hard to determine the accurate median property value for comparable homes, but they don’t have every detail about your home. The condition of a home could mean it falls substantially below or above the median value.  That’s why it’s so important all property owners know about their right to an appeal.  

Please join the PVA to learn more!  

Date: Thursday March 12, 2020

Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm

Location: St. Matthews Community Center - 310 Ten Pin Ln, Louisville, KY

The following map shows the neighborhoods to be assessed this year....District 7 is in the mix!


Community News Graphic

Crime Trends


For the week of Sunday February 9th to Saturday February 15th

Theft from Automobile - There were a total of fifteen thefts from autos, which was an increase from the previous week (6). In ten of the thefts force was used, four were unlocked and one was by unknown means. Please remember to lock your vehicles and take your valuables out of your car. See attached maps for more detail.

Auto Theft - There were two reported auto thefts for the week which was the same as the previous week (2). In one of the thefts keys were used and one was by unknown means. See attached maps for more detail.

Burglary - There were three reported burglaries this reporting period which was an increase from the previous week (1). All three burglaries were residential.  Entry was made by the following: One was by force, one was unlocked and one was by unknown means. See attached maps for more details.

There were two reported Robberies for the reporting period

1) On 2/13/2020 at 2:30am in the 900 block of Baxter Ave. Two subjects chased victim from Baxters 942. When they caught up to him they attempted to body slam him but were unsuccessful. Subjects then demanded the victim to empty his pockets. Victim pulled out his wallet and cash and threw it on the ground. Subjects then fled with victims property in unknown direction. Suspect #1-B/M, dark complexion with a flat top haircut and wearing a long sleeve camo shirt. Suspect #2-B/M light complexion or a H/M wearing a dark colored zip up shirt and blue jeans

2) On 2/15/2020 at 9:49pm at Raising Canes (1250 Bardstown Rd) the subject entered business wearing a mask and armed with a handgun. Suspect then demanded business cash. Suspect was confronted by two off duty Elizabethtown Police Officers. Suspect dropped the handgun and fled but was apprehended by the Officers. Arrested-Justin Carter W/M

Just for Fun

Quote of the Week

Life Hack Pic

Life Hacks to Make Chores Easier


Life Hack

If you forgot to put on deodorant and you don’t want to smell like you’ve been at the gym, cut a fresh lemon or orange into two halves and just rub it onto your skin. The body odor will disappear.

Life Hack

To keep your buttons in place, simply paint a bit of clear nail polish over the threads.

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