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 Air Pollution: 574-6000

Animal Services: 363-6609
or 361-1318

Anonymous Tipline:
574-LMPD (5673)

Brightside: 574-2613

Jefferson County Clerk's Office: 574-5700

Legal Aid: 584-1254

Metro Call: 311 or 574-5000

Metro Parks: 574-7275

Metro Police: (Non Emergency) 574-7111 or 574-2111

Metro Safe: 572-3460
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Veteran's Affairs: 595-4447

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Message From McCraney

Told You So

My mother taught me at a young age about the sin of gloating. I remember her quoting these words, "Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles."  I think that was good, sound advice. 

We are made to love and to have sympathy (or better yet, empathy) for others. We are not of good character when we harbor in our souls a feeling of pure delight at someone else's misfortune, setback, mistake, malpractice, wrongdoing, etc. We are not to use our ingenuity or expend our most creative juices to make fun of, take great pleasure in, or triumph over one's failures.

Imagine how hard it was for me to refrain from jumping out of my seat to do the "I told you so" happy dance, when the Chief Financial Officer for Louisville Metro Government announced in the Budget Committee meeting Thursday evening that the city is projected to realize an $18.9 million revenue surplus this fiscal year. 

You mean to tell me that I was right! That my vote against a tax increase was not in vain. That the harassment I received from some who listened to the tax and spend pundits and leaders was worth it. I have the battle scares that prove my stance on the budget was undeniably brave, smart, prudent, fiscally responsible and honorable.  But, I won't gloat.

As you may recall during budget talks last year, the sky was falling. I did not buy-in to the hype, though. After careful review of the budget, I was vehemently opposed to an insurance premium tax increase.  I also didn't think we needed to make deep cuts to services.  But, to all of our surprise, libraries and swimming pools were closed, police recruit classes were canceled, a neighborhood place was shut down, a fire station was abandoned, the Youth Detention Center was relocated and reassigned, employees were let go, the affordable housing trust fund was slashed in half...

The budget surplus is derived from higher than expected corporate profits and payroll taxes, as well as a one-time payment of $4.7 million from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. Additionally, Louisville Metro prudently managed expenses. 

The city budget still has its challenges.  Pension obligations, deferred maintenance, bond payments, rising costs of healthcare and, yes, lawsuits continue to threaten the fluidity of the budget and the services you deserve and have grown to enjoy. These threats are real, and we must remain vigilant to keep from experiencing the pain that was felt after the budget was approved last year.  Plus, we must work on discovering new revenue streams and lobbying the legislators in Frankfort to help us with revenue options.

So, while I want to gloat, I will not.  I will continue to put ointment on my wounds to hide the scares from the name-calling, finger-pointing and shame/blame game that pursued against my colleagues and I who cast a "No" vote on the tax increase.  I will also be a good girl and remember what my mother taught me about gloating.  The words, "I told you so", seem so sweet to my ears, but in reality, they're just words that will make me look petty, vindictive and shallow.  Those words do not describe me. In our compassionate city, no one should want those words to describe him or her.  I'm just saying...

Prepare for Possible Flooding


Metro Public Works, Emergency Management prepare for possible flooding 

Louisville Metro Public Works crews and Emergency Management officials are preparing for forecasted heavy rain and possible flooding in the community.

Crews have been working throughout Tuesday, loading and staging barricades and high-water signs for quick access and prompt deployment to flood-prone intersections.

Personnel and the necessary debris removal equipment are also on standby and ready to work around the clock to help mitigate flood conditions and restrict traffic from potentially dangerous flooded roadways.

All viaducts in high-risk of flooding intersections have been marked with flood safety signage: “ROAD MAY FLOOD.” Additionally, viaducts prone to flooding have been marked with street addresses and numbers, allowing motorists to provide accurate location information when contacting first responders. The reflective signs are black letters against a white background with the street address posted on top, and the viaduct number on a separate sign immediately below.

Louisville Emergency Management (EMA) is monitoring the potential of severe weather in the next two days. The Emergency Operations Center will remain at a Level 1 (monitoring only) and activated to a higher level if needed.

EMA, Public Works and MSD have been in contact to ensure the drains in flood-prone areas have been cleared out. EMA, along with LG&E, will monitor the possibility of widespread power outages due to the potential for high wind. The Red Cross has been in contact with EMA in case shelters are needed.

Safety Tips:

  • Obey flood warning signs.
  • Do not drive around barricades.
  • If you see any standing or moving water deeper than four inches, turn around, don’t drown!
  • Residential/Businesses: Clear the street gutter, catch basin, storm drain of any debris to allow optimal water flow.
  • Stay informed, sing up for emergency notification alerts at LENSAlert and Smart911

For additional flood safety information visit:


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What do bubble wrap, plastic overwrap around paper towels, cereal box liners and bread bags all have in common? They’re all recyclable! In fact, the list doesn’t end there: dry cleaning bags, produce bags, newspaper sleeves, plastic shipping envelopes, clean sandwich bags – so many things which, not too many years ago, would have been tossed in the garbage, are now able to be turned into something new!

Once you drop off those plastic bags and packaging in our bin, where does it go? Our stores collect this single-use plastic packaging from you and combine it with other plastic packaging used in-store; everything is sent away to be made into composite decking. Over the past three years, the Zero Hunger | Zero Waste program has recycled more than 180 million pounds of plastic. That’s a lot of decking! 

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Are you ready to join the fun? Kentucky Kingdom is accepting applications for all seasonal team member positions, including the following departments: audit*, cash control*, culinary, games, guest services, health services*+, landscaping*, merchandise, park services, public safety, rides, and warehouse*.

*Some departments/positions require team members to be at least 18 years old.

+ Some departments require special certification.


Team members must:

  • Be at least 14 years of age. Some positions require a minimum age of 16,18 or 20.
  • Be able to complete safety training.
  • Be outgoing, energetic, and enjoy working with people.
  • Be able to deliver exceptional guest service.
  • Be able to work in extreme weather conditions.
  • Be able to stand for extended periods of time.


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Beginning Monday, February 24, 2020, the Waste Reduction Center will be closed for maintenance until further notice.

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