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Victory Park Special Edition


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This Issue:

Grand Opening Next Saturday

Victory Park

For decades, Victory Park has been a touchstone for West Louisville, a beautiful place to enjoy the natural world and the company of our neighbors. However, sadly, over the past years it had fallen into disrepair. Along with the tireless support of Olmstead Parks, we've worked to restore Victory Park to its former glory and make it a beautiful place to play for decades to come. Now, after years of planning, hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment from Metro Government and the Olmstead Conservancy, and thousands of hours of work, Victory Park's renovation is complete. Our district's crown jewel, one of the nation's oldest Olmstead properties is being revitalized for a new generation of West Louisvillians. Come join us for its grand opening next Saturday!

Next Tuesday: Community Conversations at OLNC


Next Wednesday - Learn How to Avoid Scams at First Gethsemane

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