District 6 Dispatch | July 13, 2017


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This Issue:

Join Councilman James for a Community Conversation!


Message from Councilman James regarding the Arcadia Apartments

As many of you are aware, Arcadia Apartments have been an eyesore and an example of poor management, and upkeep for several years.  Unfortunately the owners of the property have not been good neighbors  and have not kept their property up to legal standards.  Metro Government has tried very hard to work with the owners as they attempted to obtain financing through state tax credits over the past several years to rehab the property.  During that time Codes and Regulations decided they would not cite for unoccupied properties as long as it was properly boarded up.  This process did not improve anything and the funding through tax credits never materialized.  I then started pushing harder on the Department of Codes and Regulations to abandon their previous policy of only enforcing and citing for occupied buildings.  

In June, Codes and Regulations decided to move forward with citing the owners of the property for ALL violations.  This LINK will show you all of the violations that the owners of Arcadia have been cited for in the past month.  I know you are extremely frustrated with the owners of Arcadia, I am also.  I will be appearing in court to try and make sure the owners don’t receive a slap on the wrist for their violations.  The people living in the Arcadia Apartments deserve better and the surrounding community deserves better than what the owners are providing.  Hopefully the owners will decide to follow the law, be good neighbors and care for their property and their tenants.  You will notice the owners of the property have 92 open violation cases, and that is absolutely unacceptable.  

I will keep you updated.


Councilman David James