Monday DAC Email for December 2, 2019

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Monday DAC Email


December 2, 2019

Question of the Week

Q: When will the training from Pearson on TestNav and PearsonAccessnext for the K-PREP online field test and operational assessments be available?

A:The recording of the Online Testing Training is now available on YouTube. The video runs about an hour and a half.

The first portion demonstrates the TestNav system with a practice test and the tools that are available to students during testing. Teachers will find this part useful in understanding how to move around in the test and how the test will look and feel to a student.

The second part begins around 38:11 with the demonstration of PearsonAccessnext System Basics to setup and manage testing. District and Building Assessment Coordinators will handle much of this setup of accounts, staff and tests.

Throughout the session, chat questions were answered by Pearson. Expect a FAQ with the questions and answers to be available soon on the K-PREP page to accompany this recording and PowerPoint.

Another session, similar to this one, will occur on Jan. 14, 2020. You may send additional questions to, if an answer is needed before January.

For those with specific accommodations questions and concerns, a special accommodations session is being scheduled between the Office of Standards, Assessment and Accountability (OSAA) and the Office of Special Education and Early Learning (OSEEL). Watch the DAC Emails for an announcement.

Alternate K-PREP Testing Window 1 to Close Friday, Dec. 13

The first Alternate K-PREP testing window to administer Attainment Tasks will end Friday, Dec. 13.

This is the first of two windows set to assess content standards for reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and writing. No tasks may be administered after Dec. 13 without prior approval by the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE).

Alternate K-PREP SRD to Close Friday, Dec. 20

All scores for the first Alternate K-PREP test window must be submitted in the Student Registration Database (SRD) by Friday, Dec. 20. The system is designed to automatically shut off at this point. Please make sure that all scores have been entered at this point.

The Transition Attainment Record (TAR) will remain open until the close of administration for test Window 2 in May.

If there are additional questions or concerns, please contact Kevin O’Hair or by phone at (502) 564-4394.

2019-2020 Kindergarten Screen Data

Each year Kentucky assesses kindergarten students using the Brigance K Screen, a developmental screener designed to provide a snapshot of what children know and are able to do at the time of school entry. The screener assesses child development areas that includes the Kindergarten Core Assessment (academic/cognitive, language development, and physical development) and Self-Help and Social-Emotional Scales (self-help, social/emotional development). Kindergarten screening is required by 704 KAR 5:070.

Kindergarten screen state level summary data will be discussed at the upcoming Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 4. The plan to release 2019-2020 Kindergarten screen data to districts and publicly is:

This week: District files will be made available to District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) through the secure web application. Additionally, the Kindergarten screen results for 2019-2020 will be available in the State Edition of Infinite Campus (IC). Finally, results will be published to the Open House.

The week of Dec. 9: Kindergarten data will be published to the District Edition of Infinite Campus.

For more information about the Kindergarten screener, contact

Josh Hurt Metcalfe County DAC

DAC Spotlight


Josh Hurt

Metcalfe County

The Metcalfe County School District sits in the heart of south central Kentucky, just a short drive between Bowling Green and Somerset via the Cumberland Parkway. Metcalfe County is a rural county with a population just over 10,000 and a student population of around 1,500 children. The school system has one school for each level, Metcalfe County Elementary, Metcalfe County Middle, and Metcalfe County High, all located in the county seat of Edmonton.

As a first year District Assessment Coordinator, Josh said that one of the fun parts of the job is meshing all assessment needs with his role as one of only a handful of statewide designated Districts of Innovation. As such, the district continually strives to find different approaches to help each and every student achieve, including the use of technology and flexible scheduling. The middle school recently started a school within a school called “The Academy” to promote acceleration and allow for advanced opportunities for kids to participate in college and work- based programs as they reach high school.

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions presented in the article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE).

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