Consumer News... For You! July 2023

Indiana American Water

Written consumer comments are invited in the Indiana American Water Co. rate case through July 14. Comments the OUCC receives by then will be included with the agency's testimony and filed with the IURC on June 21.

Additionally, an IURC public field hearing is set for Thursday, July 6 in Gary. It will start at 6:00 p.m. local time at the Gary Public Library and Cultural Center – Roma K. Ivey Community Room (220 W. 5th Avenue). Comments presented at the field hearing will carry the same weight as written consumer comments.

Indiana American Water is requesting an $86.7 million rate increase, which would raise annual revenues by approximately 31%. The utility provides service in numerous communities throughout the state.

AES rate case

AES Indiana has filed a new base rate case seeking $134 million in new annual revenues. It would increase the monthly bill for a residential customer using 1,000 kWh by $17.49. The monthly service charge for most residential customers would rise from $16.75 to $25.00.

Written consumer comments are invited through Oct. 5.

The OUCC's attorneys, accountants, engineers, and additional analysts are reviewing AES Indiana's request and anticipate filing testimony in mid-October. A Commission order is expected next spring.

Additional Case Updates