Consumer News... For You! October 2022

Oct. 2022
Oct. Vampire

Some of the trick-or-treaters at your door on Halloween may be dressed as vampires. But there's another vampire you need to watch out for: The energy vampire. Any phone charger or small appliance that's plugged in when you're not using it is still using some electricity. Those small amounts can add up. Since October is Energy Awareness Month and winter is not far away, you can benefit by checking now for wasted power. An advanced power strip can go a long way in helping curb phantom load, and it can pay for itself quickly. 

Oct. Annual Report

The OUCC's staff worked hard throughout the State of Indiana's last fiscal year, participating in nearly 380 docketed IURC cases, along with additional cases before state appellate courts & at the federal level. The agency's work helped produce nearly $520 million in savings for Hoosier consumers. For more facts and to learn more about the OUCC’s accomplishments this budget year, take a look at our newly released annual report.

Oct. NIPSCO Rate Case

Northern Indiana Public Service Co. (NIPSCO) is requesting an annual electric rate increase of nearly $292 million in a newly filed case. According to testimony, the proposal would cover costs for infrastructure upgrades & ongoing changes to its generation mix. It would raise the average monthly residential electric bill (668 kWh) by $19.43 when fully implemented in March 2024, & by an additional $6.22 under a new rate tracker the utility proposes to implement in July 2024. 

The OUCC is using its legal & technical resources to review the case, with its testimony likely due in January. A rate case takes approximately 300 days from start to finish.  A Commission order is not expected until summer 2023.

Written consumer comments are invited. Case updates will be posted on the OUCC website.

Natural gas rates are not at issue in this case.

Oct. Citizens Energy

Citizens Energy Group is requesting a Distribution System Improvement Charge (DSIC) for its Indianapolis water utility, which would raise monthly rates by $2.78. The OUCC is scheduled to file testimony on Oct. 11.

In a separate docket, OUCC analysts & attorneys are reviewing a proposed rate increase for Citizens Gas of Westfield, with testimony due Dec. 2.

Case Updates