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The 2012 Indiana State Historical Marker Program is underway!

2012 promises to be a busy, productive year for IHB staff, who've recently completed a four-year survey to determine the physical condition of more than 475 standing Indiana State Historical Markers and an inspection of the research files for over 550 Indiana State Historical Markers installed since 1946 to determine the quality of the sources available to corroborate the texts on the markers. 
Publication of reviews of markers will continue on the IHB website over the next few years until all needed reviews—an estimated 355—are completed.  In addition to working on the accuracy initiative, IHB is now accepting preliminary Intent to Apply forms for new State Historical Markers and is planning the next round of condition surveys for standing markers!
If you know someone who may be interested in applying for a new Indiana State Historical Marker, learning more about Indiana History, or joining our marker survey and repair efforts, please share this email using the button below!
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Isaac Blackford Historical Marker Dedicated, Marion County

A dedication ceremony for an Indiana State Historical Marker was held, March 6, 2012. The State Historical Marker commemorates Isaac Blackford, Indiana Supreme Court Justice from 1817-1852. The marker is located on the IUPUI campus, at the northeast corner of Blackford and New York Streets in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The text follows for the State Historical Marker entitled “Isaac Blackford”:

Born 1786 in New Jersey; admitted to the bar 1810. Residing in Vincennes, Indiana Territory by 1815; later elected Speaker of the first state House of Representatives. In September 1817, Governor Jennings appointed Blackford to Indiana Supreme Court. He served 1817-1852, publishing the Court’s decisions in his eight-volume, nationally acclaimed Reports of Cases. Blackford invested in Indiana land, including properties in new state capital, Indianapolis; purchased land here, 1832. He helped establish Indiana Colonization Society and promoted education. In 1855, President Franklin Pierce appointed Blackford to U.S. Court of Claims, Washington, D.C. He served until his death; buried in Indianapolis, January 1860.

Retiring Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard, Gary R. Roberts, Dean and Gerald L. Bepko Professor of Law at Robert H. McKinney School of Law, and Pamela J. Bennett, Director of the Indiana Historical Bureau unveiled the Indiana State Historical Marker at 4:30 PM, March 6, 2012 before a small group that included Indiana Supreme Court Justices Robert D. Rucker, Steven H. David, and Brent E. Dickson.

Side 1, Blackford Marker.
Side 1, Blackford Historical Marker

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Escape of Caroline, 1847, an Indiana State Historical Marker in Decatur County was accepted to the National Park Service's Network to Freedom on March 9!
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IHB has recently finished research on three markers with a Women's History theme: Juliet V. Strauss, Virginia Claypool Meredith, and Amanda Way.  Stay tuned for marker dedication news!