Happy New Year!

Seal of the State of Indiana

Dec. 30, 2021

Gov Holcomb

Fellow state employees,

2021 has proven to be a year of great challenges – and many opportunities. We continue to provide great government service, adapting to the challenges of the pandemic and moving forward with our priorities to continue to make the Hoosier state the best it can be. You all have played a key role in these efforts.

It is important to acknowledge the unprecedented workforce challenges of the last two years. We’ve made adjustments, and the State of Indiana workforce has done a great job adapting and continuing to get the job done. But it has become clear that we must take steps to make our state compensation more competitive.

To that end, I want to outline the first part of a multi-step process we are undertaking to increase salaries for all state employees and recognize your work.

For the first time in a dozen years, state employees are receiving a general salary adjustment that will be reflected on the January 19 paycheck. Most full-time, regular employees of the executive branch will receive an initial salary increase of $1,300, after which an additional 2.5 percent increase will be applied. Because the average increase for full-time employees will be approximately 5 percent, part-time, intermittent, and seasonal employees will receive a 5 percent increase to their wages.

In addition, annual performance assessments will be completed, resulting in one-time bonuses paid in early March. Employees rated as successful will receive $500; employees who exceed expectations will receive $1,000, and employees rated exemplary will receive $1,500.

This is the start of our multi-step process to make sure we are taking care of our most valuable resource, which is you. A comprehensive compensation review is underway and will be finalized this spring. The results will inform us in shaping salaries for the next biennium budget.

Your work, day-in and day-out, to provide Hoosiers with excellent government service is the foundation that allows our state to work and to thrive. I’m proud of your accomplishments across all of our agencies during this tumultuous time.

Thank you for your service. May you and your families have a healthy, safe and successful New Year!



Gov Holcom Esig

Governor Eric J. Holcomb