An Update From the Indiana Department of Education for June 24, 2022

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A Message from Dr. Katie Jenner

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If you have noticed a trend in newsletter topics this month…you may be on to something. Hiring is a hot topic in the summer months, and together, we are intensely focused on recruiting more of Indiana’s best and brightest to serve in the classroom.

Over the last few weeks, I have shared a number of tactical examples of work happening statewide to strengthen Indiana’s educator pipeline. The first week of June focused specifically on special education and how we are working to attract educators to this high-need subject area through two new programs, I-SEAL and ASSET. Both programs were developed in partnership with Indiana educators and reinforce that our greatest solutions occur when we are working together.

Following the special education licensure update, I shared an inside look at our new educator supply and demand marketplace, which replaced the outdated IDOE job board earlier this spring. Available to all Indiana schools at no cost, the marketplace will expand this fall to help us better understand the “supply” side of our educator pipeline. Ultimately, the marketplace will allow additional local career connections for teachers entering our profession and also allow all of us to better understand the dynamics of our education pipeline.

To wrap up the month of June, I want to share additional licensure options that are available to those entering the educator field. The 2022 legislative session saw the passage of two bills that helped level the playing field for out-of-state applicants and bolstered flexibility for local districts by adding options for adjunct teacher permits.

Out-of-State Applicants
Prior to the passage of House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1093, state law limited the licensing opportunities for out-of-state applicants, regardless of degrees held or years of experience. Previously, out-of-state applicants could only be granted either a two or five-year license, even if their degrees and experience were more comparable with a 10-year license. After advocating for changes, our educator licensing team is now able to issue licenses to out-of-state applicants that are comparable to what an in-state applicant would receive with similar degrees and experience. 

Adjunct Teacher Requirements
HEA 1251 sought to support districts in their recruitment efforts by allowing local school boards to issue an adjunct teacher permit. Applicants must have four years of experience in the content area in which they wish to teach and must submit to and pass an expanded criminal history check as well as an expanded child protection index check. Additional guidance for this is being established by the Indiana School Boards Association. 

IDOE will also work to create an online adjunct teacher portal for districts to post vacant adjunct teacher positions. This will be done through the addition of a new category in the previously mentioned educator supply and demand marketplace, which will streamline the application and hiring process.

Additionally, our team is working to create a consistent reporting process so districts that issue these adjunct licenses can easily report information to our data and licensing teams.

Alternate Route Special Education License
Approved by the SBOE in April, this new license will allow special education teachers previously working under an emergency permit to continue serving in Indiana classrooms while completing a professional educator license in special education or an addition to their existing license.

The alternative route license in special education, which will be valid for three years, requires an educator to hold a bachelor’s degree, be employed by an Indiana school, and be enrolled in an approved alternative special education program. Over these three years, the educator will work to complete all requirements for professional licensure. Individuals who hold the three-year license are eligible to receive financial assistance through the I-SEAL program and are also able to serve as the special education teacher of record.

The addition of this license follows feedback from Indiana educators who identified an existing gap between Indiana’s practice of issuing one-year emergency special education teaching permits and federal regulations in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. IDOE proactively collaborated with stakeholders across the state to develop shared solutions to align with federal requirements, while also supporting the growth of Indiana’s special education educator pipeline. The application path for the special education alternative license will be open in the Licensing Verification and Information System (LVIS) on Friday, July 1.

Thank you for the ongoing feedback and collaboration that have made these programs possible, and thank you for the role you play locally in changing the lives of our students, one great hire (teacher!) at a time!

Office of Accountability

REMINDER: Mid-Year Graduate Report

Students who graduated between October 1, 2021, and Monday, January 31, should be reported in Data Exchange by Thursday, June 30, to be included in the Mid-Year Graduate Report due to the General Assembly by Thursday, September 1. Please see this memo for additional information.

Office of Student Assessment

NEW: SAT Videos Available

College Board is releasing a series of videos to help Indiana educators better understand the SAT in preparation for year two of implementation. The first two videos are now available, which are intended to assist schools as they begin reviewing and interpreting their school and individual student data.

Additional videos in this series will become available throughout the summer. Please contact College Board with any questions concerning the information presented in these videos


REMINDER: Confirm or Update Corporation Test Coordinator (CTC) DOE Online Information 

Corporations and non-public schools must confirm or revise their current test coordinator contact information for the 2022-2023 school year in DOE Online by Friday, July 1. Use this resource for assistance with updating the CTC designation. Please contact IDOE’s Office of Student Assessment with questions or if changes occur after the deadline.


REMINDER: Spring 2022 ILEARN Final Results Available Friday, July 1

Permissioned corporation staff can access final ILEARN results and reports in the Online Reporting System (ORS) on Friday, July 1. Results may be shared with parents, students, and teachers as appropriate. Final results will reflect any rescore requests and are under public embargo (e.g., community and media release) until Indiana State Board of Education approval on Wednesday, July 13. Final results are available now for students who did not request a rescore. Please contact IDOE’s Office of Student Assessment with any questions.

Office of Communications and External Affairs

NEW: Updated Required Trainings for School Employees

IDOE has updated its guidance on state- and federally-required trainings for school employees. This guidance does not include trainings that are optional for schools, and additional trainings may be required by the school corporation or governing body. Contact Emily Black with any questions.


REMINDER: Celebrate #INLovesReading on Social Media

Helping our students become strong readers provides a critical link to a lifetime of learning and sets the foundation for future success. That’s why the Indiana Department of Education is encouraging you to join Indiana’s reading celebration this summer on social media. Post photos of you, your kids, your students, and your communities sharing in the love of reading using the hashtag #INLovesReading. The Indiana Department of Education will randomly select people who use the hashtag and post photos to receive free tickets to the Indiana State Fair. If you’d prefer, you can also send us your photos directly to

This celebration will culminate at the Indiana State Fair on Saturday, August 20, as IDOE provides outreach on literacy initiatives in conjunction with the fair’s spelling bee. Watch for more information by following IDOE on Twitter and Facebook.

Office of Educator Licensing

REMINDER: Difficult to Fill Teaching Positions

IDOE is collecting information as a result of requirements regarding teacher statistics in IC 20-19-3-20. The purpose of this survey is to identify positions which are "critical shortage areas, as determined by unfilled vacancies." This survey should be completed once by each school corporation and charter school for the 2021-2022 school year and submitted by Thursday, June 30. Contact John Keller with any questions.

Office of Educator Talent

UPDATE: TAG Policy Submission Required

Information regarding the TAG Policy Submission can be found here. Local educational agencies (including charter and virtual charter schools) must submit the TAG policy for approval via JotForm by Friday, September 16, to be eligible to receive TAG funding. Contact Rebecca Estes with questions


REMINDER: Staff Performance Evaluation Plan Submission

Legal Standard 12 requires each public school corporation to provide a copy of its staff performance evaluation plan to IDOE. School corporations must also submit their staff performance evaluation plan to IDOE for approval in order to qualify for any grant funding related to IC 20-28-11.5-8(d). This includes the Teacher Appreciation Grant (TAG). Staff performance evaluation plans must be submitted via JotForm by Friday, September 16. For more information, click here. Contact Rebecca Estes with questions.


REMINDER: Nominate an Educator for Teacher of the Year

The Indiana Teacher of the Year Program works to inspire, rejuvenate, and celebrate the teaching profession by recognizing outstanding teachers from across the state. Local schools are encouraged to participate in an annual selection process, and local Teacher(s) of the Year are encouraged to complete the state application process by Friday, July 1. More information on the 2023 Indiana Teacher of the Year selection process can be found here. For more information, contact Rebecca Estes.

Office of Information Technology

NEW: Student Information System (SIS) Vendor Changes

IDOE maintains a list of each school’s SIS vendor. If your corporation will be changing or adding an SIS vendor for the 2022-2023 school year, please email with these changes.


NEW: Final Sign-off for Course Completion

With approximately two weeks before the July sign-off period begins, we know schools may have significant issues to address for their course completion data. IDOE is not expecting all of the errors to be resolved on this collection prior to sign-off, as we understand that current local practices and nuances of some student data may require significant manual intervention to resolve. Schools are encouraged to do their best to submit as much course completion data as possible, as this data will contribute to “on track” metrics used in the state’s new school performance dashboard, Indiana Graduates Prepared to Succeed (GPS). Stay tuned for additional guidance on how to improve this process. Questions about Data Exchange may be submitted here.


UPDATE: Local Student Identifier Data Collection for 2022-2023

There have been several questions about the plan to collect school-issued student email addresses during the 2022-2023 school year. The intent of collecting such an identifier is to support rostering of students in third-party applications. The most immediate need for this comes from our work with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, which is launching the new Indiana Career Explorer platform. School-issued student e-mail addresses could be used to provision student access to that system. Please note, we are not requiring this local identifier and anticipate there will be more than one way to have students rostered in Indiana Career Explorer. Questions about Data Exchange may be submitted here.


REMINDER: Federal Relief Spending Dashboard Updates

Last week, IDOE announced that it is inviting schools to submit a link with additional information on local COVID-19 federal relief funding spending plans for inclusion on the state’s ESSER-GEER dashboard. Together, we are working to provide increased transparency on how these funds are being deployed across the state. This data should be submitted here by Friday, July 29. Learn more about this update here. Contact Courtney Schaafsma, IDOE director of school efficiency, with questions.


REMINDER: Data Exchange 2023 School Year API Changes

Below is a list of Data Exchange API changes that will be put in place for the 2023 school year:

  • YearsOfPriorProfessionalExperience field has been moved from the staff (SPN) record to the staffEducationOrganizationEmploymentAssociations API resource.
  • Curricular material program data submission has been separated from other Student Program data sets into its own studentCurricularMaterialProgramAssociations API resource. LivesWithParentUniqueId field has been added to the studentCurricularMaterialProgramAssociations API resource. This should be set to the parent unique ID of the student.
  • BeginDate and EndDate fields have been added to the studentEducationOrganizationAssociations API resource. 
  • IDOE will begin collecting school assigned student emails in the students API resource.

This is not a finalized list and will be updated as needed. Questions about Data Exchange may be submitted here.


REMINDER: GR Report for Cohort 2022 – Submit Graduates by Thursday, June 30

Schools should submit all graduates for the current graduating cohort through Data Exchange by Thursday, June 30. Please note, this is different from years prior, when the GR report was typically finalized in the fall following graduation. Any student academic records (graduates) that are not reported by Thursday, June 30 must be submitted in the fall via the Student Information System (SIS). Data dependencies exist within Data Exchange that will require the school to have a school association (enrollment) and academic record (graduate) for the student within the school year the data is provided. Any graduation data reported after Friday, July 1 must be reported with the 2023 school year. To be clear, all students who graduate by Friday, September 30 and have an academic record (graduate) with a Diploma Award Date prior to Saturday, October 1 will be counted in the 2022 graduation rate. The more academic records (graduates) a school reports prior to Thursday, June 30, the less work that will be needed in the fall. Questions about Data Exchange may be submitted here.

Additional Note: IDOE and Data Exchange do not require student transcript (course completion) data to be completed or finalized prior to submitting the student academic (graduate) record.


REMINDER: CC Template 029_StudentTranscript_CourseTranscript Update

Data Exchange file submission for Template 029_StudentTranscript_CourseTranscript has been updated to allow reporting of credit recovery courses. Schools needing to provide student course completion (course outcome) data for any students not accurately scheduled within SIS may begin creating and uploading Template 029 in Data Exchange. Reporting information and guidance on completing the template can be found in the Moodle Data Exchange Training and Community under Reporting Course and Course Completion (Course and Course Completion Training). This template may also be used to provide course completion data for students taking any online courses who are not scheduled accurately. Questions about Data Exchange may be submitted here.


REMINDER: End-of-Year Reporting Information

Schools must ensure all end-of-year reporting is complete and ready for certification beginning Tuesday, July 5, and ending Friday, July 8. Data provided with dates through Thursday, June 30, will be included for certification. There are 12 ‘collections’ for July 2022 certification, and all 12 must be checked by the administration responsible for certification (or sign-off) even if the school had no data required or reported. The 'collections' for July 2022 certification are:

  1. Calendar
  2. Attendance
  3. Course Completion
  4. Certified Employee
  5. Additional Student Information
  6. Certified Position
  7. Homebound
  8. Special Education Termination
  9. Title I
  10. Alternative Education
  11. Special Education Evaluation
  12. Graduation

Office of School Building Physical Security and Safety

REMINDER: Student Safety Reporting Collection Period Now Open

Indiana’s Student Safety Reporting Law (IC 20-34-6-1) requires school corporations to report student bullying, arrest, and gang data for each school to IDOE. The collection period is now open and submissions must be made by Thursday, June 30. More information can be found here. Contact Stephen Balko with any questions.

Office of School Finance

NEW: Teacher Salary Data Reporting

Please read this memo and teacher salary frequently asked questions (FAQ) document for updates regarding a teacher benefits survey, reporting cooperative expenditures, and January 2023 changes to the Chart of Accounts. An overview of the changes will be presented at the Thursday, June 30, School Finance Budget Workshop. Contact IDOE's Office of School Finance with any questions.


NEW: School Technology Advancement Account Applications

School corporations may file an application for a School Technology Advancement Account (STAA) now through Friday, July 15. The STAA application can be completed online and must be completed in one sitting. A sample application and certification page can be found in Moodle. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: Annual Office of School Finance Budget Workshop

The annual Office of School Finance Budget Workshop will be held on Thursday, June 30. The workshop will be virtual. Please read this memo regarding the workshop and to register for the virtual conference. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: Annual Financial Report

Indiana Code 5-3-1-3 requires the secretary of each public school corporation to publish an Annual Financial Report (AFR). The AFR must be published annually during the publishing window which will open Monday, August 1, and close Monday, August 15. Guidelines are available here and can also be found in Moodle Finance. All AFRs must be submitted by Monday, August 15. Contact with any questions.

Office of School Support and Transformation

NEW: School Improvement Plans

IDOE is accepting Comprehensive Needs Assessment/School Improvement Plans (CNA/SIP) Monday, June 27, through Friday, October 7. Use of the template fulfills all school improvement plan requirements under state law, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), as well as requirements for Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI), Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI), Additional Targeted Support schools (ASTI), and CNA requirements for Title I Schoolwide Programs. This memo provides additional information. The SIP template can be downloaded here. Please contact IDOE’s Office of School Support and Transformation with any questions.

Office of School Transportation

REMINDER: School Transportation Reporting Due Thursday, June 30

All school bus drivers are required to instruct school bus passengers on proper safety belt fastening, if applicable, and conduct a school bus passenger evacuation drill at least once each semester (IC 20-27-3-6.5). As part of 575 IAC Rule 10, all districts are required to report the completion of this instruction no later than June 30 of each year. Statewide, 380 organizations, including school districts, contractors, charters, non-public schools, Head Start programs, and daycares, have this reporting requirement. Reporting instructions are available here. Contact Mike LaRocco, IDOE director of school transportation, with questions.

Office of Student Support and Accessibility/Special Education

NEW: Register for Get Your Teach On Opportunities 

IDOE’s Office of Student Support and Accessibility is excited to announce a partnership with Get Your Teach On to provide additional professional development opportunities to Indiana educators through participation in free conferences, workshops, and training sessions. These opportunities are designed to ignite educators' passion for teaching and education, expand on current IDOE initiatives to support and elevate the educator profession, and make students want to come to school and learn while developing relationships. These opportunities promote positive educational outcomes to develop the whole learner. Additional information on upcoming opportunities and registration can be found here. Contact IDOE’s Office of Student Support and Accessibility with any questions, and keep an eye out for information regarding additional opportunities later this summer! 


NEW: Register for the ASSET Transition to Teaching Program

ASSET is a new transition to teaching program led by the Indiana Council of Administrators of Special Education (ICASE) as a solution to the current special educator shortage. ASSET is approved by the State Board of Education (SBOE) for anyone with an active Indiana teaching license in any content area who is interested in adding mild interventions, intense interventions, or both to their existing teaching credentials.

The no-cost, 11-month program is aligned with the standards from the Council for Exceptional Children and leverages field expertise to ensure candidates are well-prepared to meet the needs of students with disabilities and to pass the state licensure exam after completion of the program. Participants are required to maintain a small caseload of students with disabilities to meet ASSET program requirements. Summer training will be held Tuesday, July 19, through Thursday, July 21, at Franklin High School in Franklin. Online sessions will occur the first Tuesday of each month from August through May of the 2022-2023 school year. Contact Dr. Jay Arthur, director of the Indiana ASSET program, via email or phone (317-759-2895) with any questions.  


NEW: Updates to Special Education Excess Cost (SEEC) Funds 

IDOE and a stakeholder group of special education administrators examined current SEEC policies, procedures, and allowable costs to ensure the greatest number of students receive support through this fund. This memo outlines new policies for SEEC funds effective immediately for all applications.

Per this memo from Monday, April 11, schools should utilize all available funds prior to applying for funding or invoicing through SEEC to ensure that the most costly and exceptional students have their needs fulfilled. The updated SEEC allowable costs document and application template will be posted in the Office of Special Education Moodle community in the SEEC folder once ready for use. Please contact IDOE’s Office of Special Education Senior Fiscal Specialist Sarah Fields with any questions.


REMINDER: Indiana Complaint, Hearing, and Mediation Process (ICHAMP) Scheduled Maintenance

ICHAMP will undergo scheduled maintenance today, Friday, June 24, and will be unavailable during this time. Additional information on this scheduled maintenance can be found on the ICHAMP webpage. Please contact IDOE’s Office of Special Education with any questions.


REMINDER: Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Special Education Grant Assurances Due Friday, July 1

FY 2023 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part B Grant Assurances templates and instructions for using the Grant Management System are now available in the Office of Special Education Community in Moodle under Part B Grants for Special Education. To reserve the earliest reimbursement effective date for the FY 2023 Part B Grant period, corporations, charter schools, and state schools must correctly submit FY 2023 Part B Grant Assurances in the Grant Management System on or before Friday, July 1. Please contact IDOE's Office of Special Education with any questions regarding this process.


REMINDER: Aspiring Special Education Leadership Institute (ASELI) Cohort III Applications

ASELI is accepting Cohort III participant and mentor applications for a one-year leadership development program designed to improve outcomes for all students by preparing a diverse group of educators for leadership roles in special education. Applications for this opportunity can be found here and are due Friday, July 1. Contact IDOE’s Office of Special Education with any questions. 

Office of Teaching and Learning/Digital Learning

NEW: Indiana Learning Lab STEM Week - Monday, July 11, Through Friday, July 15

IDOE’s STEM team will be hosting a week of live sessions in the Indiana Learning Lab from Monday, July 11, through Friday, July 15. Presentations from leaders in education and IDOE content specialists will address 2022 science and computer science standards, their frameworks, and new STEM Certification. Additional information and the full list of STEM Week opportunities can be found here. Contact IDOE’s Office of Teaching and Learning with any questions. 


NEW: 2022 Indiana Academic Standards Biology Framework Now Available

IDOE’s STEM Team is updating frameworks to support the 2022 Indiana Science Academic Standards. The new Biology Framework is now available in the Indiana Learning Lab. Frameworks for each grade level will be released throughout the summer. Live webinars will be available throughout the 2022-2023 initial implementation year prior to full implementation in the 2023-2024 school year. Contact IDOE’s Office of Teaching and Learning with any questions. 


NEW: Leadership Series - Building a Culture of Reading

Join IDOE in the Indiana Learning Lab on Monday, June 27, and Tuesday, June 28, at 4 p.m. as we highlight our literacy initiatives. This two-part presentation will focus on building a culture of reading in your classroom or school, and identifying interventions for readers with difficulties. Contact the Office of Teaching and Learning with any questions. 


NEW: July Professional Development (PD) with IDOE

Summer PD with IDOE in the Indiana Learning Lab continues in July. This one-day event will include 25-minute presentations from 10:30 to 1:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 14. Each session will be hosted by an IDOE team member. Wednesday evening PD with IDOE will return in August. To register for workshops, create a free Learning Lab account by visiting the LINK Portal or the Indiana Learning Lab website directly, and use your school email to log in. Contact IDOE’s Office of Digital Learning with any questions.


REMINDER: Early Intervention Grant Application Window Closes Friday, July 1

The application window for the 2022-2023 Early Intervention Grant is open through Friday, July 1. This grant is open to all accredited public, charter, and non-public schools serving kindergarten, first, and/or second grade students that seek funds to support early intervention programming. The Early Intervention Grant application can be found here. Contact IDOE’s Office of Teaching and Learning with any questions.

Office of Title Grants and Support

NEW: June Coffee Chat - Supports for Students Experiencing Homelessness

Following a well-received coffee chat in May, IDOE’s Title Grants and Support team invites you to join the next coffee chat on Wednesday, June 29, at 10 a.m. ET. The June Coffee Chat will include discussion surrounding Title I Homeless Reservation requirements and additional supports for students experiencing homelessness. Guest speakers, including Mandi Belaski, IDOE homeless education specialist, will be joining to share insights and best practices. The coffee chat will also be a time for schools to ask the IDOE Title Grants and Support team questions regarding the use of Homeless Reservation funds. Please join us using this link. Contact Nicole Leach with any questions.


REMINDER: Federal Grants Pre-Application 

The federal grants pre-application for the 2022-2023 school year has been released. Access to the pre-application, training videos, consultation forms, resource documents, and the JotForm submission link are all included in the "Title Grants Pre-App" course on Moodle.

As with previous years, the pre-application must be in final approval before Title budget applications will be approved. Reimbursements may begin on the pre-application submission date or Friday, July 1, whichever is latest. Please remember, all required consultation forms with appropriate signatures must be submitted with the pre-application before it can be approved.

Important Dates:

  • Sunday, May 1: Pre-application released
  • Friday, July 1: Pre-application due
  • Tuesday, August 30: Title I, II, and IV budget applications due


REMINDER: New Resources for Schools

IDOE is now offering two new resources to schools free of charge. These include:

  • TransAct Parent Notices: provides several resources including communication templates that meet Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) standards, available in multiple languages. If you do not know your school's TransACT Administrator, email for assistance. 
  • Title I Admin: includes a wealth of information, including best practices, tools, and resources provided by the National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators and LRP Publications, publishers of "The Answer Book on Title I." LEAs should have recently received an email from Title I Admin with an updated license agreement and staff access spreadsheet. Please submit these items as requested in the email to ensure your LEA has full access to these helpful resources.

Contact your assigned federal grants specialist with any questions.

News From Our Partners


Lilly Endowment is pleased to announce its 36th Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program (TCFP). This renewal program supports Indiana educators to take intentional time to pursue their dreams and passions, explore new areas of interest and expand existing or develop new talents. Renewal projects encourage new experiences, exploration and reflection to generate renewed energy and enthusiasm, spark innovative approaches to teaching and leading, and reveal thoughtful ways to enhance creativity in students and classrooms. Approximately 100 grants, each up to $12,000, will be awarded in 2023. Learn more about TCFP here. The application deadline is Monday, October 3. Contact with any questions.


NEW FROM CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP OF LEARNING (CELL): STEM Teach and Teach Dual Credit Applications Closing Today, Friday, June 24

CELL administers two fully funded dual credit credentialing programs to serve Indiana teachers. Graduate course tuition and textbooks are available at no cost to teachers and schools for teachers who are seeking to fulfill dual credit credentialing requirements as set forth by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Applications are currently being accepted for both programs through today, Friday, June 24. Learn more about STEM Teach and Teach Dual Credit Indiana. Current and future dual credit teachers in the following content areas are eligible to apply.

  • STEM Teach: biology, chemistry, computer science/IT math, physics, and psychology
  • Teach Dual Credit Indiana: communication/speech, economics, English, history, political science/government, and some world languages

Teachers can apply to reserve a spot for fall 2022, winter/spring 2023, and summer 2023 registration. For teachers accepted into the program, fall 2022 course registration is open and will close on Friday, July 8.


NEW FROM CODEHS: Coding in Math 

Join CodeHS as they host Coding in Math from 10:30 a.m. to noon ET on Monday, July 11, in the Indiana Learning Lab. In this workshop, teachers learn how to promote computational thinking and collaboration so students learn the skills and processes needed to develop basic computational artifacts in mathematics. Teachers will experience a mathematics coding lesson from the student perspective, learn how to plan and pace these lessons, and discover teacher tools and resources available from CodeHS to support teaching. Register for the session here. Contact CodeHS with any questions.


NEW FROM NEXTECH: Counselors for Computing (C4C) Workshop

The National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) C4C, in partnership with Nextech, will be offering a full-day virtual workshop from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 19. Participants will receive a C4C Resource Kit, a copy of Stuck in the Shallow End, and other hands-on, engaging activities. Register for the workshop here. Contact Nextech’s Stephanie Zircher with any questions.



To help bring reliable broadband to the most unserved and underserved communities across the state, local officials are analyzing where broadband service is inadequate or unavailable by collecting data about the individual broadband experience. The Indiana Speed Test creates a real-time map that will help plan improvements to internet availability across the state. IBSP encourages schools to include information regarding the Indiana Speed Test in student registration packets for the upcoming school year. A flyer can be found here. Please contact Brad Hagg with any questions.


NEW FROM BRING CHANGE TO MIND (BC2M): Start a BC2M Mental Health Club

BC2M is a non-profit organization, founded by actor and mental health advocate Glenn Close, that works to end the stigma and discrimination that surround mental illness. BC2M high school clubs empower and inspire teens to educate their peers on topics surrounding mental health in order to raise awareness and fight stigma. The club's focus is on advocacy and awareness. Starting a BC2M high school club is free of cost and BC2M  provides all the resources, including a $500 annual grant, club resource portal, club merchandise, and a BC2M staff liaison. Contact for more information.



Let’s do brunch! Join the INLearning Partnership for our monthly collaboration at 9:30 a.m. ET on Thursday, June 28, Friday, June 29, and Saturday, June 30, for brunchable conversations on creative, powerful, and accessible learning experiences. Join this livestream to hear from:

  • Jena Fahlbush from PATINS: Building Authentic Relationships
  • Nick Williams from Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation: Universal Design for Learning -Creating Learning So All Students Can Thrive
  • Nate Walden from FiveStar Technologies: Technology Tools for Increased Access

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about creating inclusive and accessible classrooms!


REMINDER FROM INDIANA BLACK EXPO: Indiana University Education Conference

The Indiana University Education Conference provides professional development opportunities to educators and administrators in K-12 and higher education supporting Indiana's students of color. This year’s conference will be held on Wednesday, July 13, and Thursday, July 14. Wednesday sessions will take place virtually and are free of charge. Thursday sessions will take place in-person at the Indiana Convention Center. The cost to register for Thursday is $35. To learn more, and to register, click here.


REMINDER FROM THE INDIANA STATE FAIR: 2022 Spelling Bee Registration Now Open

Students in grades three through eight are invited to register to participate in the 2022 Indiana State Fair Spelling Bee on Saturday, August 20. Registration is $30/student (registration goes up on July 2) and includes a fair ticket and parking voucher. Winners will receive a trophy, a Chromebook laptop, or a cash prize. Read more about the spelling bee here (scroll to page six) and register here. Contact the Indiana State Fair at 317-927-7515 with questions.



Indiana teachers and librarians are invited to join DeKalb County libraries for the DeKalb County Mock Newbery. Learn all about the Newbery award, discuss select titles, and earn continuing education credits! Participants may attend in-person (and visit each DeKalb County library), virtually, or a mix of both. Registration is required and can be completed here. All upcoming meetings will take place at 2 p.m. and are as follows:

  • Wednesday, July 20, at Butler Public Library
  • Friday, August 26, at Waterloo Grant Township Public Library
  • Friday, September 23, at Garrett Public Library
  • Friday, October 21, at Butler Public Library
  • Friday, November 18, at Garrett Public Library
  • Friday, December 16, at Eckhart Public Library
  • January, TBD

To learn more, contact Jamie Long at

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