An Update From the Indiana Department of Education for September 18, 2020

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Today is Fall Count Day

Dr. Mac

Today, September 18, is the fall count date of the eligible pupils enrolled in each school corporation and charter school. As part of the data collection, an additional code was added to Field 10 to identify virtual students due to COVID-19. The DOE-ME Layout can be found at the following link under Data Layouts and provides details on reporting students for membership during the 2020-2021 school year. 


If you have any questions concerning the count date, please contact Melissa Ambre.

Legislative Updates and Guidance

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) continues to provide clear and timely guidance related to bills passed during the 2020 legislative session. Find a curation of all 2020 legislative guidance here.


IDOE Newsletters Centrally Located

All IDOE newsletters are located in one convenient location. See September updates and past issues here.


Office of School Building Physical Security and Safety

New! School Safety Academy – Basic Training

Registration is now open for Basic Training Group 22 of the Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy. Registration will close October 16. This year, due to COVID-19, Basic Training will take place in an entirely virtual format. Additional information is available here.

Reminder: Emergency Preparedness Plans Certification

Within 60 calendar days after the beginning date of each school year, superintendents shall certify to IDOE that the emergency preparedness plans for the school corporation and each school in the corporation have been reviewed and revised if necessary. This process may be completed here.


Office of Information Technology

First Data Collection Through Data Exchange—Submission Window Announced

The new Data Exchange system for school reporting will be open for submission of the Other Personnel (NE) certification from October 1 through October 30. Training for utilizing Data Exchange will be available in IDOE Moodle on September 25. Please read this memo for additional information. Questions should be sent here.


Office of School Accountability

New! Preliminary State Grades for 2019-2020 School Year and Audit/Appeals Window

The 2019-2020 state report cards are now available in an embargoed state to schools and corporations. Information on IDOE's audit process may be found here. Information on the State Board of Education's appeal process may be found here. The 2019-2020 A-F grades will be finalized and published after the State Board’s October 7 business meeting. All resources are posted in the School Accountability and Accreditation Community in Moodle. Please contact the Office of School Accountability here.

New! Annual High School Assessment Administration for Accountability Purposes

Changes to Indiana Code in 2018, and updated requirements from the United States Department of Education (USED) in 2020, impacted Indiana’s statewide assessment administration plan for high schools. This memo summarizes those impacts for the 2020-2021 school year. Questions related to accountability should be sent here. Questions concerning assessment should be sent here.


Office of Student Assessment

New! ILEARN 2020-2021 Rescore Request Guidance

IDOE has outlined a rescore request process for open-ended items appearing on ILEARN Biology End of Course Assessment (ECA) and grades three through eight assessments. Schools must follow the guidelines outlined in this overview when implementing the rescore request process this school year. An editable parent letter template is embedded in the guidance to assist schools with communicating the process to parents. Building administrators who will serve as principal users in the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE), are strongly encouraged to view the “Request an Item Rescore” on-demand training module, once it deploys to the Indiana Assessment Portal on November 12.

New! ILEARN Biology ECA Winter (February) 2020 - Final Results Now Available

Schools are now able to access final results from the Online Reporting System (ORS) for those students who completed the ILEARN Biology ECA in February. Please share Individual Student Reports (ISRs) with parents in a timely manner. Due to strict student privacy laws, the Office of Student Assessment (OSA) cannot share student test data with parents.

New! 2020-2021 Accommodations Updates Webinar 

Due to popular demand, IDOE has scheduled a third webinar for 2020-2021 Accommodations Updates. The September 28 (10 a.m. to 11 a.m. EDT) webinar is for special education directors, corporation test coordinators, administrators, superintendents, and classroom teachers. The webinar includes information regarding new legislation related to text-to-speech and calculators, Indiana IEP (IIEP) accommodation updates, and how these changes impact students taking Indiana standardized assessments. Please register for this webinar here. The presentation slides are available here, and a recording is forthcoming.


Office of Academics / Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Wellness

New! Best Practices for Notifying Students During the School Day Who Need To Quarantine

At some point, schools are likely going to have to notify a student they have need to be removed from school and be quarantined. This resource reviews best practices for removing students who will need to quarantine due to a positive COVID-19 case during the school day. Questions may be directed to Michelle Clarke.

New! "Strength Through Crisis" Professional Development Course Available

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our minds and bodies in many adverse ways. Teachers and staff have been asked to change how they work while balancing personal anxieties and family stress. This course, available for free to the first 150 educators to register, was designed to equip schools with coping skills and social-emotional balance. Psychologist and Author Dr. Adam Saenz has created a comprehensive, self-paced course to help participants overcome fear and uncertainty. Please click here for additional information.


Office of Academics / Special Education

New! Social-Emotional Support Guidance for Students with Special Needs

Many students, with or without an IEP, need emotional support and resources to consistently meet their daily social and emotional health needs. Dr. Lori Desautels collaboratively created the documents "Comparison of Traditional Accommodations and Accommodations Using the Lens of Adverse Childhood Experiences" (ACEs), and "Adverse Community Environments" to support all students attending school with significant ACEs. Please contact Kristen Sievers-Coffer with any questions.

New! Obtain Consent for IEP Telemedicine Service Delivery Annually

Indiana Medicaid recently clarified that the required consent to provide an IEP service via telemedicine must be obtained once each school year. For services billed to Medicaid, school personnel should document that the student/student's parent gave consent (verbally or in writing) to receive the IEP service (such as PT, OT, speech, etc.) via telemedicine, in accordance with the instructions provided in the second paragraph of IHCP BT2022. Please contact either Tracy Brunner or Patrick Rhodes with any questions.

New! IIEP Accommodations Course Reminder

A course outlining the Indiana IEP (IIEP) Accommodations page is available through Moodle (course name: IIEP Accommodations). This course is mandatory for all IIEP users and must be completed by September 30. Please contact Emma Everson with any questions.

New! Information on Integrated Employment Options for Students with Disabilities Now Available

The Office of Special Education (OSE) partners with different technical assistance providers throughout the state collectively known as the Indiana Resource Network (IRNs). The Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center (INSTRC) is one of the IRNs. Beginning October 20, they will be offering virtual Family Employment Awareness Training (FEAT) for Indiana families. This is an amazing opportunity for families to learn about competitive integrated employment options for students with disabilities. Please share this informational flyer with families.

New! Upcoming Virtual Office Hours (VOH) for Indiana IEP

Indiana IEP Resource Center (IEPRC) is offering VOH. This is an open webinar for anyone with questions about the Indiana IEP (IIEP) System or special education. VOH provides direct access to our IIEP consultants. Our staff will share updates and upcoming changes to the IIEP system while answering your questions. Please click here for a list of VOH dates/times. Please contact Emma Everson with any questions.


Office of Academics / Teaching and Learning

New! U.S. Presidential Scholars Program

The U.S. Presidential Scholars Program is designed to recognize and honor outstanding high school seniors, and thereby encourage high attainment among all students. Please read this memo outlining the qualifications and nomination forms. Nominations are due by November 6. Please email Shannon Dick with questions.

New! Community of Practice for School Administrators of Preschool Programs

IDOE's Community of Practice (CoP) for School Administrators of Preschool Programs (#INspirEDearly) is convening virtually on Wednesday, September 30, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m (EDT). This meeting will focus on the topic of remote learning for early learners. Instructions for connecting will be posted on the CoP group page. If you are interested in joining the CoP, please contact Sarah Parks-Reese.

New! Dyslexia Community of Practice

IDOE is renewing the dyslexia community of practice. This group has been created so the authorized reading specialist trained in dyslexia for each school corporation, charter school, or co-op has a place to collaborate, learn, and share with their peers. The community of practice will be divided into nine different regions across Indiana. New this year will be a book study, sharing of new instructional materials, and leadership opportunities within each region. Please ensure that the authorized reading specialist has completed the JotForm by October 4 to be included in these groups. Please contact Joe Risch with additional questions.

Reminder: Digital Learning Book Study - The Perfect Blend

IDOE’s Digital Learning Team has announced a fall professional learning opportunity for K-12 educators. Beginning September 21, there will be a book discussion on “The Perfect Blend: A Practical Guide to Designing Student-Centered Learning Experiences” by Indiana educator Michele Eaton. Learn skills, strategies, and lesson ideas to use in planning and implementing blended learning in your classroom. To participate in this book study, search for the course, "The Perfect Blend" in Moodle, then join by using the enrollment key “blend.” Please email Meri Carnahan with questions.

Reminder: STEM School Certification and Recertification Process

Applications for STEM School Certification or Recertification are due October 30, 2020. Access the 2020-2021 STEM School Certification Guide here and updated rubric here. Contact Shannon Dick with any questions.

Reminder: Registration is Now Open for Virtual Training by Dr. Anthony Muhammad on “Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap”

IDOE is pleased to announce a collaboration with Dr. Anthony Muhammad to provide an especially relevant training based upon his book “Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap.” This training will take place in a virtual format an on October 14, from 8 a.m. to 3:30 pm (EDT), with scheduled breaks and lunch. Registration is now open through the link here. Registration is limited to the first 500 individuals. There is no cost for participation and 10 Professional Growth Points (PGPs) and a copy of Dr. Muhammad’s book will be offered for meeting minimum participation requirements.   


Office of Academics / Title Grants and Support

New! INtelligrants Update

IDOE sent a memo this week directly to Superintendents, Treasurers, and Title Program Administrators regarding an adjustment to the method to access Title I, II, III, IV, RLIS, and Immigrant Influx dollars. LEAs will still need to submit their Pre-Apps through INtelligrants, and then submit separate budgets for the respective programs through the legacy systems to ensure no delay. The budget forms for Title I programs can be found here. Budget applications for Title II, III, IV, RLIS, and Immigrant Influx can be found here. Questions can be sent to the assigned grants specialists.

New! EL Leadership Meeting Scheduled for September 23

All Indiana EL coordinators and instructional leaders are invited to join IDOE for an EL Leadership Meeting on Wednesday, September 23, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (EDT). IDOE’s EL Team will be covering grant updates, upcoming professional development, general EL news, and more. Join the meeting via this link. Meeting materials will be posted after the fact on the EL Professional Learning and Resources page.

New! Refugee Enrollment Reporting

Refugee student counts are being collected for the 2020-2021 Refugee School Impact Grant. For all LEAs with refugee students enrolled, please complete the Refugee Enrollment Report JotForm. The submission deadline is October 15.


Office of School Finance

New! Updated Process for Signing off on the Fall Membership Summary Report

This memo provides additional information regarding the September 4, 2020 memo related to the Fall Average Daily Membership (ADM) count. The previous memo included a Fall 2020 Funding Matrix provided guidance regarding how prior virtual enrollments affect funding levels for the 2020 fall count. The updated memorandum provides further information about how the funding reconciliation process will work, and how schools will be able to review the funding levels generated by each student. Please send all questions here.

New! Curricular Material Reimbursement

Public school corporations and charter schools may apply for curricular material reimbursement for the 2020-2021 school year. Both student level AND claim data must be submitted between October 1 and October 29. Officials should review the curricular material data layout (DOE-TB). Click the Data Layouts button. The Reimbursement Claim Form Instructions are located on Moodle in the Public School Finance Community / Curricular Material Reimbursement / 2020-2021. If you have any questions, please email Skii Ficklin.

New! Summer Meal Program and Curricular Material Assistance 

IDOE’s School and Community Nutrition Team is reopening the summer meals program. This will allow schools to serve all their students free meals if they opt in. IDOE has been asked whether or not schools have to determine student eligibility for curricular materials. Curricular material (textbook) eligibility is not impacted by the summer meals program. School officials must still base student eligibility for curricular material assistance on their National School Lunch Program eligibility in the Community Eligibility Program on the curricular material (textbook) application. Remember, the School and Community Nutrition Program is a federal program, while curricular material assistance is a state program subject to different requirements.

Reminder: CARES Act Fund Numbers

The Office of School Finance has added new fund numbers for reporting CARES Act expenditures. Please read this memo for additional information. Please send all questions here. 


Office of School and Community Nutrition

New! USDA Waiver Options for School Food Authorities

The School and Community Nutrition Team is offering a webinar on the New USDA waiver Options on Thursday, September 22, at 2:00 p.m. (EDT). Registration information is available here. Please contact your Field Specialist with any questions.


Information from Other State Agencies

New! Governor’s Workforce Cabinet Office of CTE Update

The latest update sent out on September 16 from the Office of CTE can be found here. This update includes important information regarding submitting CTE student enrollment data into InTERS and several reminders regarding CTE policies that may impact eligibility for CTE funding for the 2020-2021 school year. Individuals can sign up for bi-weekly updates from the Office of CTE here and questions regarding CTE should be directed here.


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