Employees of the Quarter Recognized at the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility

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Indiana Department of Correction

Indiana Department of Correction
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Date: August 7, 2020

Employees of the Quarter Recognized at
Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility

Pendleton, Ind. - June Franke, David Adesgba, Jayln Whiteaker and Michelle Griffith were each nominated by their peers to be recognized as Employees of the Quarter.

Through a facility wide process these four employees were identified as setting high standards for their individual contributions to the collective mission at the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility.  The commitment and dedication displayed by each of these employees help students at the facility to become better people, learn from their mistakes and eventually return to their home communities


As a Clerical Assistant, June Franke, is recognized for her hard work and dedication. June has a unique role in assisting students progress toward returning home. Her attention to detail and knowledge of process oversight makes her an important part of the team. She seeks to assist others when necessary to ensure limited delays in these processes. She regularly works in ways that go above and beyond her assigned duties. June also cares about the people she works with and helps them succeed in their duties as well.


David Adesgba is a Youth Development Specialist.  David can be counted on to be ready and willing to accomplish any task assigned. His hard work and dedication serves to model exceptionally well to students so they can see what personal success and accountability in action.  David's personal attitude inspires other staff around him to pursue their own advancement. His willingness to assist others, work extra shifts and consistently demonstrate high levels of job performance, makes him a valued member of the team.


As an INSOMM (Indiana Sex Offender Management and Monitoring) Counselor, Jalyn Whitaker performs specialized role at the facility. This inherently brings unique demands to her daily functions. However, Jalyn is recognized as one who's contributions goes above and beyond. Her energy and dedication serves to pave a clear path for each students treatment successes. She also encourages the team she works with to achieve day to day success. Jayln's professionalism, highlighted by her warmth of personality, consistency and innovative spirit serve as an example for the students she works with daily.

Michelle Griffith is in a Supervisory position. As a PD2, she has oversight over multiple staff, teams and students. She is regularly recognized for her contributions as a team player, and a model of success.  Michelle goes above and beyond to ensure students and staff alike are able to perform at their personal best.  She is recognized as a positive contributor to the morale of not only her assigned area, but for the facility as a whole.



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