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Indiana Department of Correction

Branchville Correctional Facility
21390 Old State Road 37
Branchville, IN 47514


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Teresa (Teri) James
Community Services Director &
Public Information Officer


Date: June 26, 2020

Employee and Volunteer of the Quarter Honored at Branchville Correctional Facility

Branchville, Ind. - On June 25, 2020, Warden Kathy Alvey and members of the Branchville Employee Appreciation and Support Team honored Employee and Volunteers of the Quarter to a Pizza Luncheon.  The Custody, Non Custody, Contractual, Supervisor and Volunteer of the Quarter were treated to pizza and drinks from Marcie's Restaurant.  Each honoree will also get preferred parking from July 1, to September 30, 2020.

officer hanna

Custody Employee of the Quarter:

Officer Joseph Hanna

Officer Joseph Hanna, pictured far left, began his career at the Branchville Correctional Facility in August of 2020 as a Custody Officer.  After an initial settling in period, Officer Hanna has proven to be a dependable, dedicated officer interested in continuing to advance his responsibilities.  A key reason for his nomination of this award, by fellow custody officers and supervisory staff, was for his performance under stress while coming to the aid of a fellow officer.  Though Ofc. Hanna suffered an injury requiring medical treatment, he reported back to duty station without missing a full hour of work.  This dedication to service is valued by other custody staff and supervisory personnel and illustrates a commitment to his career.

Sgt Joshua Clouse

Supervisor of the Quarter:

Sergeant Joshua Clouse

Sgt. Joshua Clouse began his career at Branchville in December of 2015 as a Custody Officer.  His work ethic and professionalism were noted by his superiors and resulted in his promotion to the rank of Sergeant in October of 2017. Sgt. Clouse is often found walking his post, interacting with his co-workers and offenders to help make the correctional facility and doing all he can to make Branchville safer for those work or reside here.  Sgt. Clouse is a member of the E-Squad.   He has been instrumental in finding numerous contraband items.  Sgt. Clouse treats all he interacts with professionally.  While he may be soft spoken, he is tough as nails and an asset to the facility.  

Chaplain Tony Gray

Non Custody Employee of the Quarter:

Chaplain Tony Gray

Chaplain Tony Gray began his service to Branchville as a volunteer.  On May 15, 2014 he was offered the position of Chaplain beginning his career in corrections.  Chaplain Gray has continued to minister to the staff and offenders at Branchville during these uncertain times.  Chaplain Gray provides assurance to all he comes into contact with professionally and with an empathy needed during these past weeks and months.  When the COVID 19 pandemic came to Branchville, Chaplain Gray continued to make his rounds, bringing spiritual guidance and leadership to all who reside and work at Branchville.  Chaplain Gray has continued to explore and seek out new and innovative ways to bring religious services to all, no matter what religion they practice.  Chaplain Gray works with those in the facility and community volunteers to develop ongoing digital and written Bible and Religious services to all.

TRicia Payne

Contractual Employee of the Quarter:

Tricia Payne, Dental Assistant Wexford Medical

Tricia Payne has been working at Branchville as a Dental Assistant since 1990.  She currently works for Wexford Medical as a Dental Assistant, a position she has held with each contractual company at Branchville.  Payne handles a multitude of tasks for the Dental Department often seeing over 30 offenders a day.  With the COVID 19 Pandemic, she is often put in tough situations and has continued to provide dental services for almost two months without an assigned dentist.  Payne continues to triage patients, maintaining a log of future needs for the Department.  She has coordinated with Dentists from other facility to provide service to those who are in urgent need.  She is working closely with Wexford Administration to seek and hire a new Dentist for the Facility.   

Richard Puryear

Volunteer of the Quarter:

Richard Puryear

Richard Puryear began volunteering at Branchville as a Certified Level 2 Volunteer in October of 2018, as a Team member of Branchville Kairos ministry.  After his initial  volunteer experience, Puryear reached out to Community Services and Religious Services Department to pursue additional volunteer experiences.  He was quickly added to the Sunday General Christian Service rotation.  He is a Volunteer Mentor and often can be found helping with supervision of large group events and activities like Tent Revivals, guest speakers and services.  When COVID 19 pandemic shut down onsite visitation and volunteer services, Puryear continued to volunteer with Branchville.  Over the last several months, Puryear has created and sent in a General Christian News letter and Bible study for all at Branchville.  He has not missed a week since March 2020.  Puryear's letter has allowed him to maintain his spiritual relationship with Branchville and all who reside here. 



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