The Lake County Clerk's Office Announces Increased Compensation For Pollworkers

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November 16, 2023
Contact:  Kania Robinson, PIO  
              (847) 377-2312 

The Lake County Clerk's Office Announces Increased Compensation For Pollworkers

WAUKEGAN, Illinois –

The Lake County Clerk's Office is pleased to announce increased compensation for the diligent and dedicated pollworkers who play an essential role in ensuring the smooth conduct of elections within our community as a result of the recently approved budget passed by the Lake County Board on November 14.

The Office of the County Clerk relies on hundreds of community members to serve in a variety of roles to ensure adequate staffing for every election. It is the policy of the Office of the County Clerk to compensate these pollworkers for their time, training, and service in ensuring effective election administration.

Updated Compensation

The updated base compensation structure for certified judges of election and election workers is as follows:

Judges of Election:

  • Check-In Judge: $225 (increased from $165)
  • Voter Services Judge: $240 (increased from $195)
  • Ballot Box Judge: $285 (increased from $205)
  • Early Voting Judge: $15/hr (increased from $12/hr)

Election pollworkers undertake diverse roles crucial for the smooth functioning of elections, from check-in processes to managing polling sites and technical support for election equipment. Each role plays a pivotal part in ensuring a transparent and accessible democratic process for all community members.

“We value the hard work and dedication of our pollworkers. This increase in compensation reflects our commitment to ensuring a fair and competitive rate of pay for their invaluable contributions to the Lake County electoral process," stated Anthony Vega, Lake County Clerk.

The Lake County Clerk's Office encourages community members interested in becoming pollworkers to apply here. Join the ranks of our illustrious election worker community and be the proud face of democracy in action! Thank you to all the pollworkers for your dedication and commitment to fostering a robust electoral process in Lake County.


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