UPDATE & Bond Proffer: No Bond for Man Who Shot and Killed Seven, and Injured Many More

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Lake County State's Attorneys Office


July 6, 2022


For Immediate Release
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Robert E Crimo III

Robert E Crimo III

UPDATE: No Bond for Man Who Shot and Killed Seven, and Injured Many More

(Lake County, IL) On Wednesday, July 6, 2022, a Lake County Judge granted a motion made by the Lake County State's Attorney's office for Robert E. Crimo III, to be held without bond. As a result, Crimo will not be able to use money or assets to secure his own release pending trial. 

During the hearing, Chief of the Violent Crimes Unit, Ben Dillon, emphasized the death and great bodily harm Crimo had caused, the amount of evidence against Crimo, and the severe penalties at stake.

"This is an offense where life imprisonment may be imposed as a consequence of conviction. Also, the defendant is responsible for the death of an individual, and at the time of the offense, defendant personally discharged that firearm and that proximately caused death or great bodily harm to an individual," Chief Dillon said. 

State's Attorney Eric Rinehart was also present in court, and stated after the hearing that it was important that Crimo be held without bond for the safety of the community. 

Crimo's next court appearance is set to be on July 28, 2022 for a preliminary hearing. 

Bond Proffer

Robert E. Crimo, III (DOB: 9/20/2000)

First Degree Murder x 7

On July 4, 2022 at approximately 10:00am, a July 4th Independence Day Parade began in the downtown area of Highland Park.  At approximately 10:14am gunshots were heard and numerous people along the crowded parade route were shot as the parade participants traveled down Central Avenue toward Second Street.

Five victims were pronounced dead from gunshot wounds at the scene in the area of Central Avenue and Second Street.  They are:

Jacquelyn Sundheim, age 63

Nicolas Toledo-Zaragoza, age 78

Katherine Goldstein, age 64

Irina McCarthy, age 35

Kevin McCarthy, age 37

Stephen Straus, age 88 and Eduardo Uvaldo, age 69, were transported from the scene to local hospitals with gunshot wounds and have since died from their injuries.

More than two dozen other victims were transported or self-transported to area hospitals, most with gunshot wounds.

The Highland Park Police Department, along with multiple local, state and federal law enforcement agencies began a search of the area to locate the shooter. 

At the time of the shooting, a witness reported seeing an individual with a gun on the rooftop of a building at the northwest corner of the intersection of Central Avenue and Second Street.  The witness saw the person scanning the crowd with a gun and saw muzzle flashes come from the roof.    

Officers and agents involved in the investigation retrieved numerous surveillance videos and images from nearby businesses, as well as photos and cell phone videos from parade attendees. 

Prior to the shooting, the shooter is observed on surveillance video walking east in an alley toward the back of the building at the northwest corner of Central Avenue and Second Street.  The individual used an outside fire escape staircase of an attached building to ultimately gain access to the rooftop.  In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, the surveillance video depicts the individual running west in that alley toward Green Bay Road while carrying a black bag over the individual’s shoulder.  As the individual was running, an object wrapped in cloth fell out of the bag and onto the pavement.  The individual left that object and kept running.  Investigators recovered that wrapped object, which was a Smith and Wesson M&P 15 semi-automatic rifle.  The rifle had a round in the chamber, but no magazine inserted. 

With the serial number from the rifle, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) conducted an E-Trace of the Smith and Wesson Model M&P 15.  The trace determined that the defendant, 21 year old Robert E. Crimo III, with a date of birth of September 20, 2000, obtained that weapon at a local gun store in 2020.

Police officers familiar with the defendant were able to identify him in surveillance video as the individual dropping that wrapped Smith and Wesson Model M&P 15 semi-automatic rifle, in the alley.  The defendant was observed on surveillance video wearing what appeared to be women’s clothing.

Following an hours-long, extensive search, the defendant was taken into custody at approximately 6:25pm, after a traffic stop by a North Chicago Police Officer.

The defendant was interviewed at the Highland Park Police Department and provided a voluntary statement to investigators confessing to his actions.  The defendant relayed to investigators that he dressed up like a girl and covered his tattoos with make-up because people recognize him.  The defendant acknowledged that he used the stairway to get to the rooftop.  The defendant relayed to investigators that he looked down his sights, aimed and opened fire at people across the street.  The defendant told investigators that he fired the full 30 round magazine, dropped it and popped in another 30-round magazine, firing it until putting in a 3rd magazine and continuing to fire.  The defendant ran back from where he came and the rifle fell out of the bag in the alley.  The defendant identified himself and the weapon on still images from the surveillance video.   

On the rooftop investigators recovered the three, 30 rifle-round magazines and 83 spent shell casings.

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