Postage-Free Drop Boxes for Vote by Mail Ballots Open September 24

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Robin M. O'Connor Lake County Clerk

September 1, 2020

Lake County's Postage Free Vote by Mail Drop Boxes

Postage-Free Drop Boxes for Vote by Mail Ballots Open September 24

If you received a ballot by mail and do not want to return it through the U.S. Postal Service, take advantage of the many postage-free drop boxes around the County. Election judges will collect ballots daily and bring them to the Lake County Clerk's office for processing. On November 3, all drop boxes will be locked at 7 PM.

Complete location list with dates, hours, and addresses.

Drop Box for Mailed Ballots

Branch Court Drop Boxes

You will have 24/7 access to OUTSIDE drop boxes located at the exterior main entrances of four Lake County Branch Court buildings. These locations are well-lit, have 24-hour recorded video surveillance, and offer nearby parking.

Interior drop box

Early Voting Drop Boxes

All seventeen Early Voting sites will have drop boxes INSIDE the voting sites while open. You will need to park your car and walk into the building.

Election Day Drop Boxes

Only two voting sites will offer INSIDE drop boxes on Election Day while the polls are open.

Additional Options for Returning Your Vote by Mail Ballot

By Mail

Your ballot must be postmarked no later than November 3, 2020 and received in the Lake County Clerk’s Office by November 17, 2020 at 5 PM.

Hand Deliver to Lake County Clerk’s Office
Not Placed in a Drop Box

Please call 847-377-VOTE for office hours or appointment times. You may hand deliver your ballot to the Lake County Clerk’s office in Waukegan on or before 7 PM on Tuesday, November 3.
If you are returning someone else’s ballot to the Lake County Clerk’s office, the voter must complete the back side of the certification envelope giving you authorization. Before we can accept the voter’s ballot, you must present valid identification with the same name as the voter indicated.

Surrendering Your Ballot

If you received a ballot by mail and wish to vote in person, you may take your mailed ballot to the voting site (options below), surrender your ballot, and receive a new ballot to mark and deposit in the voting site's ballot counter.

This option is available at any Early Voting site.

On Election Day, you may surrender your ballot at any of these locations:

  • Your assigned neighborhood voting site,
  • Lake County Fairgrounds, or
  • Lake County Main Courthouse Lobby.

Track your Ballot

Track the clerk's receipt of your mailed ballot by visiting or calling 847-377-2406 or 847-377-VOTE.

For more information on Lake County Clerk services and up-to-the-minute election news, visit, follow us at, join our page at, or call 847-377-2400.