News Release: Newly Redesigned Lake County PASSAGE App for IOS and Android

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Lake County Transportation Updates

May 23, 2019

Traveling for Memorial Day Weekend? Use the Newly Redesigned Lake County PASSAGE App for IOS and Android


If you are driving through Lake County this weekend, make sure to use the newly updated and redesigned Lake County PASSAGE app for IOS or Android. PASSAGE is an Intelligent Transportation System designed to give users real-time traffic congestion updates and important local road information.

The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) recently launched a new version of the PASSAGE app for the iPhone and iPad, and the updated app for Android has been available since November 2018. Downloads are available on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Road events are communicated through police department Computer Aided Dispatch systems, user reported data through a partnership with Waze, and through LCDOT traffic operators. The information is collected in the Transportation Management Center (TMC) and used to update the PASSAGE website and app.

The PASSAGE app gives users access to an interactive map, complete with incident and roadwork info, and the ability to view camera snapshots from major intersections throughout Lake County. With it, people can view crashes, roadwork, road closures and much more. Using this tool before hitting the road helps drivers make informed decisions on which route to take, making traveling easier, safer and smarter.

The updated versions have many new features, including: 

  • Incident and roadwork information with more details
  • A list of incident and roadwork events
  • A list of camera locations to easily view intersection snapshots
  • Snapshot icon grouping at different zoom levels to reduce icon clutter on the map
  • Snapshots having full screen and zoom controls
  • Incident type and user's location reporting feature
  • Quick shortcuts to call or email the TMC
  • Snow plow location and info (coming soon)

LCDOT developed this app in-house, utilizing internal talent and feedback from users gathered over the past few years.

Ryan Legare TMC Manager and app developer explained, "This was a complete redesign of our old apps, and the goal was to make it more user-friendly. We have already received positive feedback on the enhanced features and we’re really excited to roll this out to the public.”

Since the new app was developed internally, LCDOT was able to provide an enhanced service with no additional cost to taxpayers. In addition, the app was created by the very same people who work in the system every day and regularly interact with users. This allowed for a truly personalized redevelopment experience.  

"We are collecting a tremendous amount of traffic data and it's important to us that we make it available to the public," said LCDOT Director Shane Schneider. "Commuters now have an easier way to monitor traffic in Lake County, giving them the tools they need to make informed travel decisions to get the most out of our transportation network."


Brooke Hooker
Interim Communications Manager