Earth Day 2019: Keep Our Planet Clean!

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Sustainable Lake County

April 22, 2019

Earth Day April 22

Earth Day 2019: Keep Our Planet Clean

Earth Day is a day to plant a tree or to bike instead of drive, or it's a day to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags. But most importantly, it's a day when you can educate yourself and those around you on what you can do to improve the environment.  


Recycling Hands

Are You Familiar With the Local Recycling Guidelines?

A recent audit showed that one in four items placed in recycling bins are not recyclable. To help reduce contamination, a statewide task force created new local recycling guidelines. As not everything can go in recycling containers, these guidelines help determine what you should and shouldn’t recycle curbside. Watch this video to see how easy recycling is if you do it right.  

Recycling Guidelines

There are many items that you should not put in your recycling bin that CAN be recycled elsewhere! The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County has free drop-off sites around the county for the following items: 

Recycle Electronics

Bring your old TVs, computers and other electronics to one of four year-round electronics recycling drop off sites.

Green Shoe

Reuse-a-Shoe: Don’t throw away shoes that no longer fit or that you don't wear anymore. Drop off your gently used or worn-out shoes at sites throughout Lake County.

Recycle Clothing

Clothing and Textiles: Visit one of several local collection bins to drop off your new and gently-used clothing and textiles to be reused or recycled into usable new products.

Food Composting Symbol

Composting: You can compost organic wastes such as food, manure, leaves, paper, coffee grounds, etc. You can buy your own compost bin or drop off your organic wastes at designated locations

Discover where you can take countless other items using the "Where Do I Recycle This?" finder.

Protect Our Species

This year's Earth Day theme is: Protect Our Species. Lake County is home to 143 threatened and endangered species; that's more than any other county in Illinois. There are several different plants and animals under threat. What can you do to help protect endangered species?

Least Weasel

• Use native plants.

• Don't leave any food out for wild animals like foxes,  crows, or raccoons that prey on endangered animals and their nests.

• Make sure to decrease waste and properly recycle. Waste products pollute the environment, and landfills reduce the expanse of habitat the species live in.

Learn More.

Clean Water

Purify Our Water

Waste water from inside and storm water from outside eventually flows back into different bodies of water. There are over 200 lakes and rivers, and more than 100 beaches in Lake County. Do your part by keeping harmful contaminants out of Lake County's water. 

Earth Day Water Tips

Drop off unwanted or expired medications at drug collections boxes in your area.


Dispose of household chemical wastes for free by dropping them off at the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County. Schedule an appointment


Adopt best practices when deicing driveways and parking lots.

Clean Water

Making Every Day Earth Day in Lake County

Sustainability is one of the top strategic goals of Lake County. This year, the Lake County Board created a new Energy and Environment Committee that focuses on climate change impact, the county’s carbon footprint, as well as policy and legislation. The public is welcome to attend upcoming meetings. Previous meetings can also be viewed anytime online

Join Lake County’s efforts by making every day Earth Day! Learn what you can do to help protect the environment by visiting Sustainable Lake County.