Lake County Announces $134 Million in Projects for 2019 Construction Program

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March 21, 2019 

Lake County Announces $134 Million in Projects for 2019 Construction Program

Spring has officially started and that means it's time to start road construction here in Lake County! The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) has already begun working on a few of the 29 projects identified for this road construction season. In 2019, Lake County will have nearly $137 million in road projects under construction, some are carried over from last year, and the program includes 22 new projects such as: 

Weiland Road: Project limits are north of Lake Cook Rd to south of Deerfield Pkwy in Buffalo Grove. This is a reconstruction and widening of Weiland Road. Starting later in the year, LCDOT will kick off the next piece of Weiland Road construction from Deerfield Parkway to Aptakisic Road.

Hunt Club at IL 132

Hunt Club Road at IL 132 (Grand Ave): Intersection improvement to add right turn lanes from eastbound IL 132 to southbound Hunt Club Rd, and from southbound Hunt Club Rd to westbound IL 132, as well as dual left turn lanes from Hunt Club Rd to IL 132.

Old McHenry Road at US 12: Intersection improvement to add dual left turn lanes from southbound US 12 onto eastbound Old McHenry Rd.

Project Spotlight: 14th Street Construction and Road Diet

14th St project 2019

Limits: From IL 131 (Green Bay Rd) to Jackson St in North Chicago and Waukegan

Description: The reconstruction of 14th Street will feature a "road diet," where four lanes will be reduced to three, providing one lane in each direction and a center turn lane. Traffic volumes at this location no longer support four lanes and this concept makes room available to build non-motorized facilities such as a sidewalk on the south side and a bike path on the north side. The pedestrian accommodations will also provide a new continuous trail connection between Greenbelt Forest Preserve and the Robert McClory Bike Path. The center turn lane will enhance safety for the many turning vehicles in the roadway, and the off-street pedestrian facilities will improve safety for pedestrians and bikers. 

The existing four-way stop intersection at 14th St and Dugdale will be converted to a roundabout during a 90-day closure with detour this summer. Roundabouts provide safer and more efficient traffic flow in many locations because traffic moves slower and in only one direction. That means there are fewer crashes, the crashes are less severe, and traffic flows smoothly. This also provides air quality improvements by reducing idling time by allowing traffic to flow continuously rather than constant starting and stopping.


14th street preferred alt

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Lake County Board Chair Sandy Hart said, “The County Board understands that investing in transportation is a quality-of-life issue for residents and that it contributes to economic development and the efficient movement of goods and services for our businesses. We are investing more than $500 million in the transportation system over the next six years, which includes bike paths and other non-motorized investments, not just roads. We also continue to advocate for the state to invest in needed capacity and repairs on the state highway system here in Lake County.” 

In addition to the new projects, work will continue on the Old McHenry Road project, the Wilson Road and Nippersink Road project, the Quentin Road project, and the Millburn Bypass. The Old McHenry Road project includes pavement reconstruction and resurfacing and a new signalized intersection, along with pedestrian accommodations and drainage improvements. At Wilson Road and Nippersink Road, work includes pavement reconstruction and a new signalized intersection, along with a shared-use path and a retaining wall. The Quentin Road project will reconstruct and widen the road from White Pine Rd to IL 22 and include a noise barrier wall and bike path. (Visit the individual project websites for construction updates or to sign up for email news updates.) Construction will also continue on IDOT's Millburn Bypass project, which is funded by LCDOT. 

Also on the schedule for this year, there will be several operational improvement projects, including intersection improvements, traffic signal work, and additional bike path and pedestrian accommodations. For example, LCDOT will construct a new bike path on Washington Street from Lancer Lane to Mainsail Drive this summer. 

Bill Durkin, Chair of the Public Works, Planning and Transportation Committee, explained, "Projects in the preservation category focus on keeping what we have in a good state of repair.  In the modernization category, we make our system more efficient AND enhance safety using technology and smart traffic signals. In the expansion category, we improve intersections and travel corridors by adding additional lanes to increase highway capacity and meet long-term travel demands."

Much of the remaining work planned in 2019 falls under the preservation category, which includes resurfacing projects, culvert replacements and other maintenance items. Maintaining and preserving the current system takes top priority when putting together the annual improvement plan. Lake County completes life-cycle analysis when planning preservation projects so we complete the right strategy, at the right time, for the right cost. This proven strategy keeps roadways safe, extends the service life, and reduces the tax dollars needed to maintain our roadways in the long run.

In recent years, LCDOT has more aggressively pursued repairs and replacements of old metal culverts with concrete pipe or new linings where possible. Heavy rain events have caused culverts to deteriorate faster than anticipated, making this a more urgent priority. This year, motorists will encounter culvert replacements on Washington Street at Mill Creek, Hutchins Road at Mill Creek, and Kilbourne Road between Russell Rd and IL 173.

Resurfacing Lineup:

Stearns School Rd

Preservation work to be completed in 2019 includes the following pavement resurfacing projects. Resurfacing a roadway typically takes about three months to complete and usually requires temporary lane closures and flaggers to direct traffic. Whenever possible, four foot wide bike-friendly paved shoulders are added during resurfacing projects. 

  • Stearns School Rd - Hutchins Rd to US 41* (pictured)
  • Everett Rd - St. Mary’s Rd to east of I-94 bridge*
  • St. Mary’s Rd - IL 60 to Everett Rd*
  • Butterfield Rd - IL 176 to US 45
  • Fremont Center Rd - Erhart Rd to Gilmer Rd*
  • Gilmer Rd - IL 176 to Hawley St*
  • Engle Dr - IL 83 to IL 132
  • Hainesville Rd - Washington St to IL 120*
  • Wilson Rd - N of IL 120 to IL 60*
  • Fairfield Rd - IL 132 to Nippersink Rd*

 *bike-friendly shoulders will be added during resurfacing

Work Zone Safety

road safety reminders

LCDOT is committed to roadway safety, and we want to make this construction season safe for both drivers and workers in work zones. VIDEO: Roadside Safety Reminders

Lake County Division of Transportation Director Shane Schneider reminds motorists, "Construction zone speed limits are in effect AT ALL TIMES, not just when workers are present. Drivers should always slow down as they approach a work zone to watch for changing traffic patterns, equipment entering and leaving the work zone, and the men and women working on these projects."

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Brooke Hooker, Communications Coordinator