Lake County Leaders Meet to Discuss 2019 Legislative Initiatives

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February 27, 2019

Leaders Meet to Discuss 2019 Legislative Initiatives

Leaders gathered at the recent Lake County Board Legislative Committee meeting to discuss important legislative initiatives as the 101st General Assembly convenes and begins its work. At the meeting, Lake County Board members and staff met with Lake County’s legislative delegation to discuss the opportunities and challenges we are facing in the county.

Meeting attendees heard a brief overview of current bills pending for which Lake County requested sponsorship, discussed the need for an infrastructure bill and reviewed a countywide State Highway Consensus Plan that identifies the transportation projects that would have the biggest regional impact in Lake County.

Leaders also discussed further opportunities for property tax relief through consolidation and reform.

John Wasik, Chair of the Lake County Legislative Committee said, “We know that ever increasing property taxes is the most urgent concern for residents in Lake County. Lake County has, and will continue to focus resources on consolidating the number of local governments in our county, but in addition to ongoing consolidation efforts, we need property tax reform. These discussions and interactions with our legislators are the key to our collective success.”

Another issue the board is advocating for is the authority for Lake County Board members to remove its Chair, should the Chair not be fulfilling the duties of the position. The County Board elects a Chair from among its members to serve in a leadership position.

Sandy Hart, Chair of the Lake County Board explained, “The County Board Chair is an appointed position, and we need to make sure the Chair is held accountable with proper channels in place to remove and replace the Chair if the responsibilities of the position are not being fulfilled. I’m happy to see that this legislation is moving forward in both the house and the senate.”

To learn more about the Fiscal Year 2019 Lake County Legislative Agenda, please review the electronic version available on our website. The Lake County Financial and Administrative Committee recently approved the filming of all standing committee meetings, and this was the first meeting. Watch the Lake County Legislative Committee meeting and hear the discussion.

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