News Release: Lake County to Film Standing Committee Meetings

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February 20, 2019

Lake County to Film Standing Committee Meetings

Beginning the week of Feb. 25, all Lake County Board standing committee meetings will be available to watch on and Lake County's public access television channel (LCTV).  At the committee level, board members spend a significant amount of time discussing and evaluating significant financial and policy matters before these items are sent to the full board for final approval. Filming committee meetings will allow the public to see all the work that goes on at the committee level and have a deeper understanding of the issues.

"I'm proud of what our board continues to accomplish around transparency," said Lake County Board Chair Sandy Hart. "We want residents to hear the concerns and deliberations of programs and services that takes place at these meetings. Often times, people that want to attend meetings can't because of their busy schedules. Filming all standing committee meetings will make this information accessible to all Lake County residents."

The Financial and Administrative Committee approved filming standing committees at its Feb. 7 meeting to enhance transparency and increase access to local government.

“We are excited to be able to enhance transparency by showing the work being done in committee meetings at no additional cost to taxpayers," said Financial and Administrative Committee Chair Paul Frank. "Lake County Board meetings are already being broadcast, so the equipment and staff resources are currently in place. That means we can film committee meetings within our current structure." 

The meetings will not be broadcast live but recordings will be available within 48 hours after the committee meeting, and can then be viewed any time after that at Each meeting will be indexed, which provides the ability for online viewers to jump to a specific place in meetings/agendas. 

The meetings also will be replayed frequently on LCTV, which is available on Comcast Cable, either channel 18 or 30, depending on where you live in the county. AT&T Customers can view LCTV on channel 99. View the LCTV Coverage Area.


Brooke Hooker
Interim Communications Manager