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December 20, 2018

Lake County, IL "Rebooted" Recycling Guidelines

SWALCO Rebooted Guidelines 2018

On America Recycles Day, November 2018, SWALCO and other agencies and communities around the State released a new set of guidelines for recycling.  Since then, discussions with local recycling facilities have led to a few new updates.  Please find our “recycling reboot”, the latest Lake County, IL Recycling Guidelines, at swalco.org.  Take a special look at the NO list, as these items can negatively impact recycling efforts, in many ways.  It’s estimated that as many as one in four items placed in a recycling cart, is not accepted for recycling. 

A New Year is upon us and it’s a great time to review and make sure you are getting all the right things in and keeping all the wrong things out.  You can find alternative recycling and reuse opportunities available in your community at swalco.org, along with more detailed information and frequently asked questions about recycling.  Look for our Guidelines to be available in Spanish sometime in the near future, along with other new information. 

It’s as important as ever before to continue to recycle.  Through recycling, we have an abundant supply  of resources at hand. Recycling preserves landfill space and reduces the need for landfills.  By recycling, we save energy, prevent water, land and air pollution, reduce carbon missions, protect wildlife and wildlife habitat, as well as create jobs and help the economy. 

Please visit swalco.org to learn more.

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