All Lake County Ballots are Counted Correctly and Accurately

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News from the Lake County Clerk

November 5, 2018
Contact:  Carla N. Wyckoff

All Lake County Ballots are Counted Correctly and Accurately


County Clerk Carla Wyckoff assures Lake County voters that ballots cast by mail, early, or on Election Day are accurately counted, and elections are conducted according to law in exact compliance with all federal and state mandates. The clerk’s office has been open, accountable, and complies with the required daily submission of voter rolls to the Illinois State Board of Elections.

It is not uncommon to have some challenged vote-by-mail (VBM) ballots—this situation occurs in every county, and the Illinois Election Code provides the proper procedures to handle these challenges.  The Lake County Clerk’s Office (LCCO) dutifully complies with the legislative mandates for these situations.  All vote-by-mail ballots are processed by election judges—representing both established political parties—who are present during the entire VBM period.

If a VBM ballot is challenged, the voter is sent a written notification and explanation within 24 hours of the ballot's arrival in the Lake County Clerk’s Office.  Some of the common reasons election judges challenge a voter include a missing voter signature, application signature not matching voter registration record, or missing ballot.

According to Illinois statutes, each voter affected is given the opportunity to appear before a three election judge panel to resolve the challenge.  In addition, the LCCO offers affected voters the option of completing and returning an affidavit (provided by LCCO).  This allows those who are out of town (which is why many take advantage of VBM) to resolve their ballot challenges.  Voters have up until 14 days after Election Day to have a hearing or return the affidavit when the ballots can still be cast.  Voters can also access information about the status of their own VBM ballots by visiting the LCCO website,

To make voting information transparent, the clerk’s website shares with visitors complete voting option information, a list of currently elected officials, sample ballot preview, and voting site information. Those choosing to vote by mail can also track online the clerk’s receipt of their ballot application and voted ballot. If a provisional ballot was issued to the voter, the website also offers information on the status of the ballot.

Election results are unofficial until 14 days after Election Day. These two weeks allow for the arrival and casting of vote by mail ballots postmarked by Election Day, verified provisional ballots, and of course, the challenged voters who are still submitting resolutions.

This post-election time provides for every vote to be counted as the voter intended, and every ballot to be counted correctly.

Please feel free to call the LCCO (847-377-2400) if you would like to discuss it directly.

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Carla Wyckoff
Lake County Clerk