Election Newsletter for November 6, 2018 General Election

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News from the Lake County Clerk

October 2018

Voter Registration

  • In person or by mail by Oct. 9
    (If registering by mail, application must be postmarked by Oct. 9)
    Find a convenient location or download PDF

  • Online through Illinois State Board of Elections by Oct. 21

  • Grace Registration
    - At the Clerk's Waukegan office, weekdays during business hours from Oct. 10 to 19
    - During early voting - Oct. 22 to Nov. 5
    - On Election Day - Nov. 6

Voting by Mail

Voting by Mail Video
  • Registered voters must submit required application form by noon on Nov. 1

  • Returning voted by mail ballots must be postmarked by midnight on Nov. 6


Early Voting

Early voting sign

Election Day

Voting on Election Day video
  • Nov. 6

  • Polls open from 6 AM to 7 PM

  • Voting and Grace Registration available only at your assigned voting site

  • Find your assigned voting site 

November 2018 Election Web Page

Any Lake County resident may visit LakeCountyClerk.info and click on the November 2018 Election icon to find:

  • Offices to be elected
  • Candidate List
  • Referenda Text
  • Voter Information Guide
  • Voter registration information for online, by mail, in person, and grace registration
  • Dates, links, and forms for voter registration, voting by mail, early, and Election Day
  • Early and Election Day voting site locations, addresses, photos, and driving directions

Do you have the power?

Registered voters can log onto LakeVoterPower.info to see

  • Ballot by mail request form
  • Personalized sample ballot preview
  • List of current elected officials
  • The clerk's receipt of your returned voted by mail ballot
  • Certificate of  Voter Registration card
  • Voting site information
  • Ballot marking instructions
Voter Power Page

You are the best defense in protecting your vote against foreign Influence

I voted stickers

The Clerk’s office is dedicated and vigilant about guarding Lake County’s election security and integrity. To date, hackers have not been successful in changing your votes or election results.

Since their methods have not worked, the hackers are trying different tactics. Their additional approach is to attempt to erode the voter's confidence in the election authority, equipment, and systems with misinformation distributed through various media outlets.

It's important for you to be an active listener and use reliable information sources. Take advantage of non-partisan online and news sources so you are thoroughly and accurately informed about the candidates and propositions. What strengths are you looking for in a candidate? What do you know about their position on the issues or their leadership abilities?

If you are informed, it will be easier for you to recognize any distortions in TV and social media reporting. Together, your efforts combined with the Clerk’s office will ensure the integrity of all our elections.

Here are helpful suggestions:

  • Know what’s on your ballot. Registered voters may preview a personalized sample ballot at LakeVoterPower.info.
  • Meet the candidates at an event, debate, or rally. Ask questions.
  • Visit the candidates’ website and Facebook page to research their views.
  • If the candidate currently holds a state or federal office, you can research the candidate’s voting history.
  • Learn about the candidates’ endorsements.
  • Go to your school board, municipal, or township public meetings.
  • Read several different newspapers.

Make sure your voice is heard

March 2018 Voter Turnout chart

Only 22.49% of 439,860 Lake County voters cast a ballot in the March 2018 primary election, letting a small percentage of citizens speak very loudly for all.

Some feel that voting will not make a difference. Please remember, our democracy is the healthiest when all qualified voters participate in every election.

March 2018 General Primary Election Results

Additional Early Voting Site

Wauconda Township Office

Wauconda Township Office
505 Bonner Road

The Wauconda Township Office is a new early voting site starting with the November 2018 election. Voters can use any one of the 16 early voting sites regardless of where they live.

Hours vary at the different sites, and some locations offer weekend and evening hours.

Find a location and hours that are convenient for you.

Darken the oval

If you have any questions about the correctness of your ballot, ask the election judges BEFORE you cast your ballot. If you are voting by mail and have questions, call the Clerk's Vote by Mail Department at 847.377.2406 before you return your voted ballot.

You don’t have to vote every race on your ballot. However, if you do not vote for any Illinois statewide constitutional office (governor and lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, comptroller, and treasurer), the ballot counter screen will display an alert screen after you insert your ballot, as shown below.

You can cast your ballot as marked knowing that all your other votes will count. Or if you wish to fill in the missing races, you can choose to have your ballot returned so you can finish making your selections.

Undervote Screen


Carefully read your ballot to find out how many candidates you can vote for in each race. If you vote for too many, the ballot counter will alert you when you cast your ballot. If you want to leave your ballot marked as is, the votes in that one race won't be counted but all your other votes will. Or, you choose to correct your choices and the election judges will help you with a replacement ballot.

Remember, once your ballot has been placed in the ballot counter, you cannot get a new one.

Ballot in bin

American with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Ballot marking equipment compliant with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) is at every early and Election Day voting site. The equipment allows voters with vision or dexterity disabilities to mark and cast their ballot in private and without assistance by way of audio ballots, customizable on-screen ballot print size, touch screen selection, or braille keypad options.

AutoMARK screen

Carla N. Wyckoff, Lake County Clerk
18 N. County Street, Room 101
Waukegan, IL 60085



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