SWALCO TIDBIT - Planning the "Move" (revisited)

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May 31, 2018

Whew...Moving is Tough

2018 SWALCO Move

We know getting rid of old electronics, clothing, shoes, household chemical waste and other collected well-intentions are probably way down on the priority list...just above saying good-bye to those kind-hearted (and yes, let's be honest, sometimes irksome) neighbors. Perhaps you already know that your selected moving company cannot take hazardous materials (per federal law) such as explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives and radioactive materials – this includes seemingly non-menacing items like nail polish remover, lighter fluid, oxygen bottles, propane cylinders, gasoline, oils, paint, certain types of pharmaceuticals…even matches make this list. And by now, as a Lake County resident, you already know certain types of electronic devices are banned from our landfills    (Look up the Electronic Products Recycling & Reuse Act when you have a free minute!).

The plan is to divide and conquer! Pick a room, a cabinet, a basement shelf, that creepy corner in the garage and begin excavating your "collections".

We suggest tackling these tasks early to leave more time to handle other pressing issues like; How did we miss this?? OR what’s the name of the new school again?? Where are my socks?? What day is it?? Why can’t I find anything!?!@? …we understand…

Household Chemical Waste - Where did this stuff come from???

Two months before your moving date, schedule your first appointment with us to drop off your household chemical waste. There’s a comprehensive list at SWALCO.org of accepted & not accepted items.

SWALCO hosts (2) FREE Household Chemical Waste Drop Off events EVERY MONTH (except December). The Second Saturday and Fourth Monday are the days we’re open to collect      Household Chemical Waste,  by appointment only.  If you stumble across more HCW (& don't be surprised if you do!!) you can make another appointment to come by before the final moving day arrives.

PST...PLUS, we host (4) FREE HCW MOBILE events throughout Lake County, take a look under the News & Events section on our main page to find out where we’ll be next.

Begin purging your collection of Latex/Water-based paint which is NOT COLLECTED at our Household Chemical Waste Events (it's deemed non-hazardous per the EPA).

Ready to visit us? Please check out our page about how to prepare your HCW for delivery!

More resources and references

We have excellent references for all types of moving-related recycling/disposal needs.

We still host (4) free electronic collection sites throughout Lake County.

We have (20+) free clothing & textile bins throughout Lake County.

We have (40+) free shoe drop off locations throughout Lake County as well!

We also created Explore Your Neighborhood Program pages for each SWALCO municipal member, these pages will provide specific information for your town!

We have references and resources for paper shredding, propane tank recycling, appliance disposal recommendations, bicycle reuse options (visit our “Where do I recycle this?" directory for more details). We even have a page dedicated to "Latex Paint Disposal".

...Give yourself time, ease into it... The folks buying your well-loved home will greatly appreciate the clean shelves and the care you've demonstrated to provide ample space to stack their own household items.

Thank you for taking the extra steps to properly AND safety dispose of your household waste!

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