Processing of Prepayments for 2017 Tax Year Nearing Completion

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Lake County Treasurer's Office

January 17, 2018

Processing of Prepayments for 2017 Tax Year Nearing Completion

The Lake County Treasurer's Office is now finalizing all prepayments of 2017 real estate taxes and will shortly conclude mailing out receipts to taxpayers who submitted a prepayment by mail. 

The rush to prepay as a result of recent changes in federal tax legislation led to a record year. More than 20,000 taxpayers prepaid their property taxes in 2017, many of which during the last week of December. 


Phone Calls

Thousands of taxpayers contacted the Lake County Treasurer's Office during the prepayment process. At its peak, employees from other County departments stepped up to help answer questions and phone calls.

 "I want to thank all the taxpayers who participated in the prepayment option, and I appreciate their patience and understanding," said Lake County Treasurer David Stolman. "The Federal changes made this a very confusing and frustrating time for everyone."

Stolman said, "I also appreciate the dedicated staff who worked tirelessly throughout this process."

Important Notice for those who Prepaid their Property Taxes

The Treasurer's Office will send property tax bills in late April to early May for the 2017 tax year to all taxpayers, including to those who prepaid their property taxes. This bill will not reflect any prepayments.  Taxpayers who prepaid will receive a receipt, and an updated tax bill within two weeks after they receive their original tax bill. The updated tax bill will show the remaining amount due, if any. 

As in previous years, there are several ways to pay property taxes in Lake County, including by mail, online, at a local bank and by going to the Lake County Treasurer's Office. For more information, visit

Taxpayers can also visit Lake County's Property Tax Information web page to learn more about the property tax process, property tax relief, and more.


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