UPDATE: Lake County Monitoring Local Flooding

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Contact: Lake County Emergency Management Agency 

UPDATE: Lake County Monitoring Local Flooding

The National Weather Service has canceled flash flood advisories for Lake County, IL. No additional precipitation is forecast for Lake County in the foreseeable future. The Lake County Stormwater Management Commission is maintaining red flood status, meaning major flooding is continuing in Lake County.

Reports indicate that overnight, Lake County received minimal rain, bringing the total rainfall to 7.2 inches in some portions of the county over the last two days. The Fox and Des Plaines Rivers are at or near record highs. The river levels are expected to continue rising over the weekend as additional water makes its way downstream from precipitation in Wisconsin, and as water from flooded roads and yards makes its way back to the rivers. Lake County officials are continuing to work together to assist local communities in response to flooding.

Crews from the Lake County Division of Transportation, Public Works, Planning, Building and Development, and Stormwater Management Commission are out in the field responding to the flood, and gathering data for damage assessment.

While many roadways have been able to open back up for travel, there are still road closures throughout the county. For updated road conditions, please visit Lake County PASSAGE at www.lakecountypassage.com. It is dangerous to drive through water. Motorists should remember to “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”. 

Lake County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor sent a proclamation to Governor Rauner and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency declaring that severe flooding has created a disaster in Lake County. The Lake County Emergency Operations Center is coordinating response and resources with the local communities and partner organizations. If residents need assistance, please contact your local municipality or township.

Watch for updates on Lake County's Facebook page. We will be posting information as the situation develops.

Office: 847-377-7100

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24-hour dispatch: 847-549-5200