Lake County Launches New Integrated Permit and Inspection System

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Lake County Launches New Integrated 

Permit and Inspection System

Lake County is pleased to announce that its new and improved permit and inspection system is now available to the public!  

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This new technology improves inter-departmental efficiencies, enhances customer service, improves communication, and reduces the amount of time it takes for permits and inspections. The new system will bring together multiple County departments including Planning, Building & Development, Health, Division of Transportation, Public Works, and the Stormwater Management Commission into a single unified permitting system. Customers will be able to submit and pay for many permit applications online and review the status of their applications and inspections using their home computer. Moving to a more streamlined and efficient permitting and inspection process will provide a better customer experience and save valuable time and resources. 

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Lake County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor explained, "Exceptional customer service is a core value of Lake County leaders and staff. It permeates everything that we do. Our new permitting system will streamline permit review by integrating all county departments that are involved in the permitting process. As a result, we expect permit reviews involving multiple departments to be completed faster and more efficiently. This is one more success story that demonstrates Lake County's commitment to operational excellence. We are continuously improving services, technologies, and efficiencies in order to optimize our services, minimize spending and maximize value for our customers and taxpayers."

With this new system up and running, Lake County will be a true one-stop shop for customers. Instead of working with each department individually, customers will now have a single point of contact for permit projects and a single package of Lake County approvals for the project. For those customers visiting the County’s Central Permit Facility in Libertyville, this new system will help them get in and out quicker with a permit in hand. For many project types, they won’t even have to come into the office to apply. It will also open the door for shared service opportunities with municipalities, and create opportunities for more streamlined permitting for businesses doing work with the County and other local governments. 

Please visit the new Permit and Inspection Dashboard to see the new system in action. The list of permits included in our online application system will continue to grow in the coming months.

Preview of new system
New Permit and Inspection Dashboard


Matt Meyers, Operations Manager
Planning, Building and Development

Lawrence Mackey, Deputy Director
Prevention Health Services