A Brief Update  From Last Week -Rep. Heather Scott

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A Brief Update  From Last Week                                                         September 23, 2021

By Representative Heather Scott


Standing for the citizens.

Things You Should Know:

  • Grass roots Republicans from every Idaho county signed onto a resolution for the legislature to re-convene to address the vaccine mandates and the federal overreach.
  • The Speaker of the House stated that until he had 18 Senators and 36 House members signing on to his favored proposed bill, he would not call the House back into session to address these mandates.
  • Legislators circulated this proposed bill in an attempt to get enough signatures to fulfill his wishes.  This action appears to be operating the legislature in secret session, which violates the Idaho Constitution (Article 3, Section 12), but apparently that does not matter to legislative leadership. 
  • Last week citizen-serving legislators attempted to get a quorum to come to the Capitol in order to call the House back into session, but only 15 felt it important enough to show up on behalf of citizens.
  • Here is the list of House members who showed up to discuss ways to address these issues on your behalf:  Representatives Karey Hanks, Ron Nate, Tammy Nichols, Priscilla Giddings, Dorothy Moon, Greg Ferch, Ron Mendive, Vito Barbieri, Heather Scott, Tony Wisniewski, Chad Christensen, Mike Kingsley, Codi Galloway, Doug Okuniewicz, and Terry Gestrin.
  • Rep. Sage Dixon travelled from North Idaho, but not to participate or show support, but only to "listen,"  and in his own words "just playing the role of observer."  Observer for who?  He distanced himself from the other legislators discussing solutions.  
  • The Republican Speaker of the House and the Republican Speaker Pro-Tem of the Senate refused to show up and instead were out golfing while legislators tried to re-convene the House.
  • In response to political pressure, the Speaker later attempted to deflect criticism for his absence by calling the House Federalism Committee to set up a sub-committee to “study the issue” of mandates and make recommendations. (Remember, the Speaker of the House appoints all members to this committee)


Here is a link to a video summarizing what happened last week: 



Here is a link to a radio interview I did last week at the capitol. 



A Real Political Stunt by the Good Old Boys!

A few days ago, Gov. Brad Little, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, House Speaker Scott Bedke, and Senate Pro Tempore Chuck Winder wrote a “strongly worded"  letter to President Biden in which they stated the following:


"If you choose to continue to move forward in this direction, the State of Idaho will have no choice but to take the necessary legal actions to uphold its sovereignty, check the overreach of power by federal bureaucracy, and uphold the system of checks and balances our Constitution guarantees."


While this might seem like a powerful message to the President, many disagree. 

The President does not have the authority to mandate businesses to force vaccine mandates.  To respond to such nonsense is accepting the premise he has the authority to do that, and virtually signals, “we are with you Biden!”  If the four of them actually did pursue legal action, does anyone really believe Idaho should be challenging things in the federal courts, where the lawsuit would be filed?    Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if we just exercised our state sovereignty and 10th amendment and said, sorry Biden, that won’t work in Idaho. 

Alas that would take real leadership. 




What the good old boys failed to tell you is that every time the federal government offers Idaho federal money and we as a state accept it, we accept the strings attached.   Every dollar Idaho accepts for health care, schools, infrastructure and other issues that are not delegated powers of the federal government, means Governor Little and Speaker Bedke and Pro tem Winder and Attorney General Wasden turn their heads and look the other way at the constitutional violations of the federal government.   They basically say its ok to do what you are doing, as long as we and our friends are receiving financial benefits. 


Idaho is addicted to federal money.  Currently, Idaho has tipped the scale when it comes to federal money.  Federal funds (44.9%) now exceed general funds (37.2%), (17.9% is dedicated funds).  That means Idaho is appropriating more in federal dollars than state dollars.   Those funds come with ropes and chains securely attached in the form of rules, regulations, requirements and “mandates”. 


Remember, the 2022 elections are coming up fast and elected officials are trying to “look good” in the eye of their voters!  Please do your homework and dig deeper than the headlines to learn the truth before you vote for anyone.   If not, Idaho is on the trajectory to become California Lite, and we are headed there at lighting speed.  

In 2020, the total Idaho deaths from heart disease and malignant neoplasms was 5X higher than deaths from Covid-19.  (LINK) 



Government wants you to be scared and confused because it’s easier for it to take your freedoms and liberties. Fear and confusion allows the average citizen to overlook the above facts.  (LINK) 


2020 was the year of government lockdown/ social distance/ nonessential business declarations.  

  • People in Idaho are being coerced into taking a shot or risk being fired from their jobs. (INL LINK) (MICRON LINK)
  • Elderly and sick Americans isolated in assisted living facilities are dealing with increased health and mortality rates and dying alone. (LINK)
  • The sick and injured are being denied medical care while publicly funded hospitals institute care rationing. (LINK)  
  • Idaho children are being forced to wear masks in schools. (LINK)
  • The Boise Farmer’s market is requiring proof of the jab or negative test to shop. (LINK)
  • Military personnel are being forced to get the shot or be charged with failure to obey an order. (LINK)
  • Hospitals are rationing care. (LINK)
  • Idaho hospital employees are being forced to get the jab or be fired. (LINK) (LINK)
  • Idaho has asked FEMA to fill the voids in our hospitals (LINK) and Governor Little is activating the national guard to fill the voids of those being fired (LINK).
  • Idaho cities are requiring proof of jab or testing before entry in to large events on city owned property (LINK) 
  • Idaho suicide rates hit a record high last year. (LINK)
  • The governor is continuing to pass states of emergency to maintain his unilateral control of the state, all while legislative leadership falls in line with the top-down approach, refusing to represent the people. (LINK)  


All for a sickness that has a 99% recovery rate!


Please wake up!  We are losing the state of Idaho and the majority of the legislators are not standing in the gap on your behalf.


Do you know who your legislators are?  CLICK HERE to find out. 


Do you know who is funding your legislator?  CLICK HERE to find out.  


So many are looking for answers to questions and how to get involved. Because of this, I developed A 101 Things You Can Do as a starting point for every citizen to work together to make changes and make a difference locally and overall in Idaho. 

Here is a link to 101 Things You Can Do to help keep our Republic.