Situation Update: Idaho House Legislators Will Return to Boise on Wednesday

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Will Your Representatives Be There for You?                  9-11-21 (NEVER FORGET)        

by Representative Heather Scott


House Legislators are planning to return to Boise for Session on Wednesday, September 15th to address the Biden edicts.  

Idaho House of Representatives

It is horrible what is happening to citizens across the state! Taking any medical product (with the risks involved) should be your personal decision alone. No government, private business, or employer should be allowed to coerce or mandate their will on an individual.


In light of recent developments across the country and state, Idaho House members are planning to return to Boise for Session next week to address this issue.  This will be an attempt to attain a 35-member quorum of committed legislators to pass a bill to protect individuals from medical tyranny. 


Some legislators may be hesitant to attend because of their connections to big PHARMA, IACI, and hospitals through campaign donations.  Legislators need to do the right thing and stand up for the individual citizens in this situation.    If these same legislators do the right thing, I believe that citizens will overlook their connections to these pharmaceutical companies and global corporate funders. 


Current law prohibits employers from requiring a polygraph test on an employee as condition of employment or continuation of employment, why not the jab?  Here is the language:


A SIMPLE FIX to solve the Biden mandate would be to pass a similarly worded bill that would prohibit COVID-19 vaccine requirements by businesses like this one:  



44-906.  COVID-19 VACCINE REQUIREMENTS PROHIBITED. No person, firm, corporation or other business entity or representative thereof, shall require as a condition for employment or continuation of employment any person or employee to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. A violation of this section shall constitute a misdemeanor.

Yes, the solution could be that easy! 


The argument has been made that “conservative government should not interfere” with the contract between the employer and the employee.  The Idaho legislature “interferes” and writes thousands of laws, code, and administrative rules that regulate businesses and protect citizens all the time.  They even use the language “the public health, safety and welfare of its citizens.”  A few examples include:

  • All occupational licensing requirements for over 50 different occupations including contractors, electricians, barbers, morticians, dentists, architects and more!
  • Anti-discrimination rules and laws in employment.
  • American Disability Act workplace access laws.
  • Workers compensation insurance, and employee safety and fair labor laws.  
  • Requirements that employers provide insurance for employees under law for death, disablement, or injury of employees. This is “interference.”
  • Idaho’s minimum wage law is the state’s interference in the employer/employee relationship with mandates in favor of the employee.

If you listened to my last audio legislative update, you will understand what is really happening and know that this " interference argument" is not true.    


The Covid-19 “vaccine” has been weaponized to create division and mistrust among neighbors. Those who are opposed to the shot are being ostracized and browbeat, even by our own governor.  There are global and federal dollars and agenda's behind this shot. 

The state legislature has the duty to protect the individual liberties and rights of Idahoans. 


If you are concerned about the mandate, call your legislators to share your concerns and solutions.  Urge them to show up for the Wednesday’s session.


 Please get involved now, because tomorrow may be too late!