Social Justice Indoctrination for Idaho Children Age 0-5 Action Alert!

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Social Justice Training for Children 0-5 in Idaho                                 April 19th, 2021

Representative Heather Scott - District 1


We need to STOP Senate Bill 1193 in the House!


SB1193 is a replacement bill for HB226 that the House killed a few weeks ago and will likely be voted on today or tomorrow! 


It gives $6 million to the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (IAEYC), an activist nonprofit group that is affiliated with the National Association of the Education of Young Children.  The money will be used for a federal program to indoctrinate children from birth to 5 with critical race theory and social justice. This will be a close vote and I plan to vote against this bill. 


If you are concerned, please contact your House Representatives and ask them to vote NO on this type of teaching for our kids!  


This bill passed 18-17 in the Senate!


Below are examples of 3 of the 85 books that were listed on IAEYC's website.  After House members raised concerns about these books during the House debate,  IAEYC hid the books from their website, but the link still works.    

Book 1 Example:  A is for activist


Book 2 Example: Antiracist Baby


Book 3 Example: Not My Idea-A Book About Whiteness


If these books concern you, please contact your Representatives and let them know before this bill is passed through the House! 


Thank you for caring about Idaho!