Quick update on the Victory from Rep. Heather Scott

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Idaho State Legislture

Representative Heather Scott                                                                               3-10-21

Victory!  House Bill 195 Killed on House Floor!   



A quick note to let you know that House Bill 195 was killed on the house floor!  Thank you for your efforts.  If your legislators' names are in green print above, you may want to schedule an in-person appointment or call them to discuss your rights and their job to protect your rights.  Remember, if you do no know your rights, you will eventually lose them.


Every vote your legislator makes offers insight into their beliefs, principles and willingness to follow the constitution.  Below is a link to a website that tracks Idaho legislators' votes, and scored them.  How do your legislators rate?  Click below to find out!



Here is a link to a non-profit (Idaho Freedom Foundation) that tracks all Idaho legislators' voting record.  Bills are scored using a rating metric based on adherence to the constitution, if the bill grows government, if it hinders private business, along with other standards. Where does your legislator stand?  Will you hold them accountable?