Partial Victory: House Bill 288 dead. Action Required: House Bill 195 is still alive and threatens your 1st Amendment rights!

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Idaho State Legislture

Partial Victory for Idahoans - More Action Requited                                                  3/9/21


 Representative Heather Scott


partial victory

House Bill 195 – What Will You Do to Protect Your First Amendment Rights in Idaho?

House Bill 195 will be voted on within the next 24 hours, and if passed, I believe will stifle your freedom of speech and right to assemble.  It is critical for any Idaho citizen who values their free speech, right to air grievances against government, and their right to freely assemble, to make their voice heard.  


-House Bill 195 would stop “targeted picketing” which essentially means the criminalization of free speech and protests on public property based on the protest's proximity to a private dwelling. House Bill 195 criminalizes efforts to hold elected officials accountable by protesting near their homes when they violate their oath of office. I believe this bill is a direct attack on our 1st Amendment. This bill was proposed by Rep. Chaney of District 10 and Rep. Green of District 18. 


I believe this is a dangerous path to start down for the State of Idaho. With the current federal administration, big tech, and media now wanting to set the standards and suppress any speech that doesn’t fit their political narrative, House Bill 195 appears to openly destroy our Republic.  If you are concerned, please contact your representatives soon!  The bill will be voted on within 24 hours. 

No one endorses mob actions that disturb the peace with extreme noise or destruction of property, and there are laws to stop that.  However, the vagueness of the language in house bill 195 is the problem. “Picketing” could include almost any peaceable assembly, the word "annoy" is vague, and to restrict citizens from public property is wrong.  What will be next, community free speech zones? 


If you are at all concerned, please contact your representatives today and express your views on House Bill 195.  Ask them to honor their oath and protect your rights as expressed in the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States.


If you do not know who your legislators are, you can click HERE.


And the battle between the governed and governing continues....