11-25-20 The Great Reset and Idaho's Future

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Idaho State Legislture

The Great Reset and Idaho's Future                                                                        November 25, 2020         

Representative Heather Scott District 1


When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily.  But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability.  Proverbs 28:2

Today, our country is barely hanging on to the culture, ideas and patriotism that once made the United States so unique and exceptional.  While elites have kept American (and Idaho) citizens busy fighting each other about issues, political parties, and candidates, our republican system of government has been rapidly transforming into something many of us no longer understand, trust or want to engage with.  Many of our elected officials and unelected bureaucrats see themselves as our masters rather than our servants.  Pre-occupied, anxious, and fearful citizens have allowed the erosion of their rights and the loss of their freedoms.  We must remember, that our government gets its power only from the consent of the governed - the citizens.  The United States of America is a constitutional republic.  The citizens own it - not government.


I would love to report to you that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that soon you can just go back to living life as before.  I cannot.   In my opinion, life as we have known it is likely over.  If we do not collectively start to push back, the new “normal” will look grossly different from anything we could ever imagine.  


My hope is that this legislative update acts as a catalyst for you to stop moving your line in the sand, stop retreating, and stop giving up ground.  I hope it motivates you to stop watching TV and to do your own research to truly understand what is happening in our nation.  I am not sure if we have time to reverse what has been set into motion, but I can’t imagine not trying.  There are many links in this update to get you started.  Educate yourself! Then decide if you are ready to join the biggest fight yet to save our Republic.


The World Economic Forum is an international organization for public-private cooperation.  The graphic above and below are from, and linked to their website, which fully outlines the plan and implementation of it.   

The World Economic Forum is a powerful global organization of people and corporations actively working on physically implementing world “sustainability goals”.  They are currently (and successfully) implementing a global plan/agenda referred to as the Great Reset. (link)  Individuals, local governments, state and regional governments and nations are participating; some willingly, others unwittingly.   If the plan is fully implemented, we can be assured that life, liberty, due process, and the pursuit of happiness for ALL American citizens, including Idahoans, will be greatly altered, if not snuffed out completely.


In an article by author Steven Guinness, we can see the outlined goals and pathways to accomplish the Great Reset  (link): 


It’s clear that such a plan will destroy the American values of capitalism, common sense thinking, hard work, individuality, private property and free enterprise.  These would be replaced with top-down master/servant corporate models, predestined work roles, cradle-to-grave nanny state programs, and the complete destruction of personal freedoms and wealth.  A global monetary system would replace national currencies consolidating wealth and control while pretending to expand global markets and goods.  Expect monopolistic business control, with large corporations championing the latest social justice war idea to thrive, while small businesses must be closed.  Those who might push back against this agenda will likely be deemed “non-essential” businesses and subjected to forced compliance with unconstitutional rules and regulations.  They may even be forced to close completely.   Idahoans could expect totalitarian government control over every aspect of their lives. 

Yes, I said Idaho, because Idaho elected officials are cooperating!


The Idaho governor. along with his executive branch, bureaucratic agencies, and even the Idaho Supreme Court appear to be participating in this agenda and have declared war on our Idaho constitution and our unalienable rights.  The only branch of Idaho state government that has not taken a side on the Great Reset is the legislature.  Legislators will have one last chance to rein in the out-of-control executive and judicial branches in the upcoming January session.  I am hopeful that they will put their personal agendas on hold to stand up for the rights of the citizens and our constitution.  We shall see. 



It is very apparent that our governor acts in unison with other taxpayer-funded members of the National Governors Association (and also review my newsletter on Western Governors Association).  These two groups have routinely provided the Idaho governor with cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all plans and templates which when enacted, undermine our freedoms and liberties.  These ideas don’t come from Idahoans and don’t look to solve our issues or help citizens.  Instead they become pathways for interfering global agendas robbing Idaho of our sovereignty. 


The question is why would he do this to hardworking Idaho citizens, families and businesses?  Is he knowingly helping to put the little guys out of business while further cementing his big government-big corporate partnerships? Is it power?  Money? Ignorance?  Fear?  Ties to China?  Whatever the reason or combination of reasons, his conduct clearly shows a governor and an executive branch that lack courage, leadership, ingenuity and faith in our citizens to overcome obstacles.  It should come as no surprise that China lists our governor as a “friendly” among U.S, governors.  (Link-China loves Little).

Where is the outcry from our other Idaho elected officials?  Only a handful are raising the alarm, trying to wake up citizens, while many at both local and state levels are allowing it. Many are complicit in the destruction of our rights and liberties.  Many are playing a direct role in implementing un-American and draconian policies. Maybe it’s all the money flowing into Idaho from the CARES Act that blinds the eyes and darkens the morals of our elected leadership.  The CARES Act gave our governor 1.2 billion reasons to suddenly forget he is a public servant and accountable to you, the citizens! 


For a deeper study into the Great Reset to determine which Idaho businesses and government agencies are participating and implementing the agenda, please click (this link)

What can we do?  Is it too late?

We are somewhat protected in North Idaho, with a sheriff who refuses to enforce illegal bureaucratic mask mandates and county commissioners who are currently suing Governor Little for alleged misspending of CARES Act money.  I fear the rest of the state is out-of-control. 


Make no mistake, there is a war on our citizens, our livelihoods, our schools and our churches! We have seen businesses declared “non-essential” by a power thirsty governor; an increase in child crimes, suicides and depression; our judges violating our freedoms by forcing us to wear masks and by finding citizens in contempt of court for refusing to bend the knee.  This is all happening while the Idaho Supreme Court obliterates our unalienable right to due process of law, our right to a speedy and public trials, and our right to confront witnesses against us.


If the United States is to avoid a final descent into economic and political socialism, we must stop bad actors in government from operating outside of their jurisdictional limits and remove them from office.   Jurisdictions are mechanisms used to place limitations on government.  Every government official and agency has limited authority, that is, limited jurisdiction. We, the citizens, must police them and hold them to account when they exceed their authority. Jurisdictions protect citizens from government overreach, overreach that inevitably leads to tyranny. 


The Declaration of Independence reminds us that we institute governments to secure our unalienable rights.  It is the first duty of every government official to preserve and protect those rights.  When we elect someone, we delegate to them our inherent political power for the purpose of carrying out that first duty.  When officials fail to protect our rights, whether because of incompetence or malice, we must take back the political we gave them and provide new guards for our rights and freedoms. Our elected officials, whether city, county, state, or federal, are duty-bound to protect us from government overreach. 


Sadly, over the years, we have allowed government to blur or dissolve jurisdictional boundaries and erode our liberties.  One byproduct of this is the creation of unelected, regional governing boards (e.g., the Panhandle Health District board).  These boards are filled by appointment, rather than elections in which the citizens choose their representatives.  Unelected boards are not accountable to you, and they tend to act like it.


To be fair, we, the citizens, are not without blame.  Our apathy has allowed bad government to flourish.  Our failure to participate in our own governance has led to disastrous consequences.  At the end of the day, it’s our republic.   As citizens of this republic, we own it.  It’s ours.


Will you join me in using the magnificent tools given to us by the Founders of this great nation and the Framers of our glorious Constitution to restore good government?  Will you help me regain control of our republic?


I leave you with a major question: What will YOU do about it?


In my recent newsletter,” 110 Things You Can Do to Make A Difference”, I outlined many straight forward ideas to help citizens get educated, engaged and ready for the coming uncertain times.  It is a starting point.  This is no time to wring your hands but rather a time to join hands with likeminded friends, neighbors and community members.  We have strength in numbers.  You need to secure your families, build your communities and prepare for a plan A, plan B and possibly a plan Z.  Idaho can survive this if we grow a backbone and start acting like a sovereign state with a free people.


Freedom loving individuals who cherish this republic can no longer adjust their line in the sand with further compromise. We cannot be bullied or indentured.  We are reaching the point where each of us is about to face sacrifices unimaginable and we need to be ready to say, “I am all in.”  If we don’t, we will condemn our grandchildren’s grandchildren.


In the meantime, ignore little edicts and enjoy your usual BIG family gathering for Thanksgiving!



In Liberty, 


Rep. Heather Scott


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