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Idaho State Legislture

Jully 12, 2019 Special Sex vs Gender Idaho Update       

Representative Heather Scott - District 1


On July 3rd, while Idahoans were prepping for Independence Day festivities, one of Idaho's  most powerful executive agencies (Health & Welfare) released an administrative rule dealing with changing the indicator of sex on Idaho's certificate of live birth records to the gender of your preference.  This rule allows Idaho citizens to change a legal document if they do not agree with it.  Wow!  Will criminals be allowed to change police records next?  This may become a bit confusing with current list of genders being taught in government schools now topping over 50+!  You can view the rule by clicking on the link and looking at pages 164-168 : CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO LANGUAGE

What Can You Do?


When agency bureaucrats issue a rule (which have the full force of law)  you can choose to ignore them or you can attempt to influence them.  There are 3 ways to influence the decisions in this rule process but the deadline is quickly approaching.  Maybe the reason people in government never listen is because they never hear from you!

  1. Click HERE (or above) to sign a petition to request a public hearing in your community or at your church.  Hurry, deadline is Wednesday, JULY 17!
  2. Email a comment to dhwrules@dhw.idaho.gov by July 24th with your comments.  Make sure to CC your elected officials.
  3. Snail Mail a comment to Tamara Prisock DHW-Admin Rules Unit PO Box 83720 Boise Idaho, 83720-0036  Phone 208-334-5500

Why is this such a big deal?  


Idaho is one of only a few states in the union that requires bureaucratic executive agencies to negotiate their rules with the public and take citizens' comments into consideration. 


This rule was written outside of the legislative process and was completely denied a review by Idaho legislators!  This circumvented your elected representation!

Citizens can make a difference!