A quick reminder from Rep. Heather Scott.

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Idaho State Legislture

July 1, 2019       

Representative Heather Scott - District 1



8200+ pages of proposed Idaho Rules, Regulations and Fees are currently open for comment and it is NOT TOO LATE to request a public hearing in your county!


25 signatures per county is all that is needed to have your voice heard locally by the agencies.  If you are concerned about Idaho's future, please get involved!  Below are a few digital petitions that might interest you.   Otherwise, you can make your own for your issue.  The next 24 hours are critical to meet the mailing deadline to request a hearing.


Remember, standing up for your neighbors’ issue today, may keep him/her around to stand up for you on your issue tomorrow.




To request a hearing in your county for the Idaho Board of Education on Common Core or Charter School concerns, click HERE



To request a hearing for the Department of Health and Welfare to visit your county on CPS or vaccinations or other issues, click HERE



To request a hearing in your county for the Department of Lands click HERE




To request a hearing in your county for the Department of Water Resources click HERE




Click on the envelope to review the 8200+ pages of administrative rules. 

If you do not want to request a public hearing or a visit from the agency, you can email or snail mail your comments in.  The deadline for emailing or snail mailing comments is July 10th (not July 3rd as reported earlier). You need to mail comments to the appropriate agency listed in the section that you are concerned with.  Email or addresses will be provided in the document itself.

THANK YOU for getting involved in our Republic!