July 3rd is the deadline to submit written comments or request oral presentations/pulic hearings for admin. rules.

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Idaho State Legislture

June 24, 2019     

Representative Heather Scott - District 1


PHASE 2: The time to review and comment on ALL rules is now!

Dear Engaged and Educated Citizens:


Now is the time to have real and meaningful impact on the 8200+ pages of Idaho Rules and Regulations up for public input. You learned about the “what” in Phase 1. Phase 2 opened on June 19th and will close on July 3rd (10 days!). So this is your opportunity to put the wheels in motion and make your voice heard and your concerns debated without the usual red tape or trying to gain the ear of unelected bureaucrats. It is a rare opportunity afforded all citizens by the actions of the legislature in the 2019 session.

  • July 3rd is the deadline to submit written comments or concerns on any proposed rule or regulation.
  • July 3rd is also the deadline to request an oral presentation or public hearing in your area from any agency with a rule or regulation that you want changed or eliminated.


If you want to get involved, here are some simple steps that may help:


1. Click on the link to the left to open the 8,332-page Omnibus Administrative Rule Bulletin. All rules to be re-issued can be found HERE.






3.     If you would like to read an overview of what is happening, it is on page 2. Otherwise, proceed to the Table of Contents (pages 4-25). There is where you can see all the topics that might be of interest to you and your family and may affect lifestyle, business, professions or hobbies. This is also the best place to start if you have a specific issue with an agency.

Some examples may include the following:

  • You do not like the way that the Department of Labor deals with unemployment insurance requirements.
  • You believe that the systems for pardons and parole needs improvement.
  • You do not like the Commission of Libraries condoning promotions of certain political agendas.
  • You believe the Department of Education should allow more charter schools.
  • You believe the requirements to get an occupational license in Idaho for a geologist are too strict.  
  • You believe the Health and Welfare Department is denying parental choice when it comes to vaccinations.
  • You are tired of Common Core (re-branded as Idaho Core) and its agenda in the schools.

There are a lot to choose from, such as the Department of Transportation, Fish and Game, Environmental Quality, Dentistry, Education, Board of Medicine, Idaho Commission on the Arts, Parks and Recreation, State Police, Attorney General and many more.  If you click on the rule you are interested in in the table of contents, it will take you to that section in the document where you can read what the rule says.


Once you know what you want to comment on, you have two ways to comment:


Submit a written comment (snail mail or email) to the address of the agency who is issuing the rule. Make sure to cc your legislator(s) so they understand the comments or changes you are proposing. Again, the deadline is JULY 3.


Submit a petition for a public oral presentation/public hearing in your county by collecting 25 signatures and including the rules you have concerns with. This petition must be sent in by JULY 3.

The addresses and emails to send your comments or petitions to will be in the bulletin under each agency's headings where you found the rule.   


You can click on my PHASE 2 Video to explain this process in a little more detail. 


It is really that simple to make a difference. Complaining and getting angry with government will not fix government; only involvement and civil communication will.

I hope you get involved in this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!


Thank you for being engaged in our Republic.