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Idaho State Legislture

February 24th, 2019         

Representative Heather Scott - District 1


Our Republic-Your Voice


Article Four of the US Constitution guarantees that Idaho and all other states, will operate under a republic form of government. This representative style of government establishes the making of policy and law through the body of the Idaho legislature, made up of the House and Senate.


Promulgation of proposed new laws or changes and removal of existing laws is the primary purpose of the legislative session.   This process grants to the people’s representatives, the ability to bring ideas forward to debate, vet on facts, and vote on, based on a bill’s merits.  


Today’s biggest travesty of government in Idaho is when a bill proposed by a representative of the people is not printed nor heard and never discussed in the legislature. The effect of this chokehold on the governed, truly compromises and diminishes the relationship of Idaho citizens to their state government. It is ultimately taxation without representation in its most blatant form. We know this was the primary motivation for the Declaration of Independence and the catalyst for the American Revolution. The principle foundation of no taxation without representation in Western law dates back to the 1215 Magna Carta. Going forward, history is full of examples of ticked off “governed” who held the “governing” accountable when they chose to abuse this vital principle.


In Idaho government, the denial of a committee hearing by a committee chairman on proposed legislative ideas, disenfranchises a representative’s constituents as well as any other qualified electors in the state who believes in the idea. Our Republic is specifically designed to not allow power to be concentrated in one induvial.   Committee chairmen who grant a print hearing for all proposed ideas and allow hearings on all proposed legislation, fulfil the principle of our US and Idaho Constitutions and maintain their allegiance to their oath, which each swore to uphold as a legislator in our Republic form of government.


When committee chairmen promote debating of ideas, and bills are ultimately decided on by their merits, Idaho citizens will have quality legislation reflecting the majority of citizen’s ideas and beliefs.

Bill Updates:


HB 85   Daylight Savings Time This Legislation would have ended Daylight Saving Time in Idaho.  The bill failed on the House floor.  

HB189 Fish & Game Inspection and Search

This law clarifies language related to searches and inspections being performed by IDF&G officers.  It is currently in the Resource Committee awaiting further debate. 



HB 114  Child Genital Mutilation.  This bill would make female genital mutilation a felony. This bill passed the House floor with a 69-0-1 vote and heads to the Senate.

HB152 Naturopath Licensing

This bill would create a new licensing board for naturopaths and likely hinder the ability of those who seek alternative health solutions. The bill would reduce the number of naturopaths in Idaho by limiting their ability to practice to only those who have graduated from certain schools in the US.  The bill is in the House Health and Welfare Committee.   



SB1039 Wolf Control Board This bill repeals the sunset clause on and makes the Wolf Control Board permanent. I believe this bill will give the state a vested interest in keeping our invasive species of wolves viable. According to Article 1, Section 23 of the Idaho Constitution, "Public hunting, fishing and trapping of wildlife shall be a preferred means of managing wildlife,"  not another taxpayer funded bureaucracy.  This bill passed both the House and Senate and is headed to the Governor's office to become law. 

HB120 Sex Education- This bill allows parents to opt-in to classes where children will view sexually related material instead of opting out.  This bill is still in the House Education Committee.


sex ed


SJR101 Marsy's Law   This controversial constitutional amendment passed the Senate (25-9-1) and is headed to the House. Pro gun groups claim it opens the door to abusive Red Flag laws and patriot groups claim it denies due process.  Both reasons make this bad legislation with far reaching and hidden consequences to citizens.  After researching the founder, who is the main financier promoting this amendment change, and learning lots more on his criminal past, I am a SOLID NO vote!

HB170 Child Protection Notification Waivers  This legislation offers transparency to Idaho's Child Protection Policy by notifying parents or guardians of their legal rights with respect to child protection investigations.  This bill is headed to the House floor for a vote by the body.


In 2018, there were 23,599 referrals to the Idaho Health and Welfare or law enforcement officers for neglect, abandonment or abuse of children. Over 80% of those reports were unfounded.  Child Protective Services (CPS) showed up at over 10,000 doors and removed 1,374 children from their families. CPS rules require safety assessments and needs for service reports for many cases that are unfounded. 


HB133 Immunization Disclosure  This legislation would amend Idaho Code to require daycares and schools to give equal effort to notifying parents about their ability to exempt from immunization requirements when they promote immunizations of attending children. This bill passed committee and is headed to the House floor.


SB1033 Organ Donations 

This bill revises provisions regarding notifications in the event of a donor's death.  The bill unfortunately eliminates an entire section of Code that requires medical personnel to find out whether someone is a organ donor or not before notifying the appropriate donation agency.  When in doubt, government should never assume someone wants to donate organs unless positively expressed in writing.  I have real concerns with the potential for ethical abuse with this legislation.  This bill passed the Senate and is headed to the House.


HB156  Retired Law Enforcement Officers- this bill revises the definition of qualified retired law enforcement officers who qualify for the 218 LEOSA card from 15 years to 10 years. This bill passed the House floor and is headed to the Senate. 



Idaho records indicate there are only two counties in the state that perform abortions, but that is two too many.  Despite Representative Green and my attempts to jump through hoops to calm the House State Affairs Committee Chairman's concerns, he continues to refuse to give us a print hearing on this critical legislation.  Please go to our Facebook page to follow the progress of this bill Abortion Human Rights Act- AHRA FACEBOOK


Please voice your support for this bill to your elected officials. Let’s make Idaho a safe haven for the unborn who are under mortal attack in states like New York.  

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