Pornography in Idaho schools, constitutional rights, hemp, dylight savings time and more!

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Idaho State Legislture

February 10. 2019      

Representative Heather Scott - District 1


The legislature is in full swing and we are beginning our 6th week of session. With more than 200 bills moving through various committees, the pace has picked up substantially and legislators are putting in long days to keep things moving.  Below is an update on legislation I am working on, a few proposed pieces of legislation to pay attention to and other activities I was recently involved in.

An Update on proposed legislation:


Department of Health and Welfare Child Protection Waivers (Scott) HB 101


This bill would require Department of Health and Welfare employees who are investigating child neglect, abuse or abandonment, to provide a notification to the parent or guardian of their constitutional rights when they commence on an investigation directly and in person.


.Idaho Department of Fish and Game Search and Inspection (Scott) HB 110

This legislation helps clarify language related search and seizures conducted by IDFG to insure constitutional rights are respected.


Industrial Hemp (Moon & Troy)

An Idaho Industrial hemp bill was introduced on Friday. Currently hemp production and possession are illegal in Idaho. The 2019 Federal Farm Bill now classifies hemp as a regular agriculture crop. Idaho will hopefully follow suit and legalize this important agricultural crop. Any opportunity we get to diversify our agricultural commodities, will be a benefit to the state’s economy and citizens.


Daylight Savings Time (Zito)

This legislation would allow the southern half of the state to get off of daylight savings time and keep North Idaho on it. This would allow Boise and North Idaho times to align for 8 out of 12 months. The bill was introduced on Friday.


Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) (Giddings) HB114

This bill is an important step in protecting females in Idaho. It is important and critical now due to increase occurrences in other states. Idaho needs to be a leader in stopping this horrific practice.


Streamlining Constitutional Carry (Zito)

Idaho’s version of Constitutional Carry was passed in 2016 but has a “resident” requirement for carrying concealed without a permit. It is also confusing for a small group of residents between 18-21 as to where they can and cannot carry. Under the current law, non-residents and 18-year-olds can’t carry their sidearm inside of city limits without a permit. There is currently a proposal to clean up the language proposed by Representative Christy Zito. She is awaiting a print hearing by Chairman Harris.


Abortion Human Rights Act

Despite the enormous support and interest in this legislation from our state and around the county, Chairman Harris has, to date, denied it a hearing in the State Affairs committee, which would assign it a bill number. I am hopeful his heart will be changed to advance this critical issue.  You can read more about the bill or listen to radio interviews explaining the bill and its progress at the links below.  








Medicaid Expansion (Prop 2)

Recently, Reclaim Idaho visited the Capitol trying to convince legislators accept Medicaid expansion “AS IS”. Remember this was a voter approved proposition with no language to address funding.  An interesting fact I learned about Medicaid that you may want to take note of and share with your friends and neighbors is that should you choose to accept it and you are a property owner, that property can be confiscated to recover funds paid to you. This is scary because this a major step toward socialized health care and the loss of personal property and freedoms. Ultimately, someone, likely your children or grandchildren will have to pay for this expansion. There is also concerns that some of this Medicaid funding will go to pay for abortions.


School Funding Formula

The School Funding Formula is out and there is appearing to be a lot of controversy and confusion surrounding it. This legislation creates an updated, streamlined, effective and student-centered model for funding Idaho’s public schools. Each school would get a set amount of money for each student, but they would also be able to get additional funding for each student who needs more resources. That includes students in special education, those who are economically disadvantaged, English language learners, the gifted and talented, and grades K‐3 and 9‐12. More funding would also be considered for especially small school districts and remote rural schools.


This formula is the result of three years of work from the bipartisan Public-School Funding Formula Interim Committee. The plan includes input from district leaders from around the state as well as the Education Commission of the States. The Committee unanimously recommended the funding model.  My rural district has concerns!


Legislation to Strengthen Parental Rights for Sex Ed


Graphic material has slipped into Idaho schools, through the Health and Welfare Department bureaucrats. When legislator Barb Ehardt learned that Idaho students were being exposed to masturbation techniques, fornication as part of an abstinence program and how to access services without their parents knowing,  she stepped into action. 


Her proposed legislation changes how Idaho’s students take part in sex education and gives parents the complete picture of what their kids are learning. Currently, parents must opt out of sex education or instruction for their children. Under the new proposal, a parent or legal guardian would instead opt in for sex education classes or any presentation regarding sexuality.  You can click on the photo to watch her video or click (HERE)  to read an article on it. 



MARSY'S LAW founder (photo above) arrested on drug trafficing charges last summer.

Marsy’s Law has resurfaced again this year. Unfortunately, well-funded bad legislation never seems to go away even after getting rejected.   This proposed constitutional amendment being pushed by a California billionaire  -Henry Nicholas who was arrested for drug trafficking last summer, is back again and being pushed on legislators by an ever growing list of paid lobbyists.



Many believe that this constitutional amendment would be nothing more than a back door for gun confiscation cloaked as a victim’s right bill. If passed into law, this bill could be the opportunity that gun grabbers need to remove guns from the “accused” without due process or an actual felony committed.  Here is a great article on the issue (link)


As many of us watched the Kavanaugh hearings in shock, we must remember that our “innocent until proven guilty” approach to the accused has, up until now, been a foundation of our country’s judicial system. We must protect this approach at all costs or suffer the grave consequences of disintegrating into a pitiful shell of a republic.  

I was disappointed to see the Idaho Sheriff’s Association chose to remain mute on this year’s re-packaged Marcy’s Law legislation. Even though the language has changed, they are sticking with a carryover support from last year’s bill. Remember this is the same old pig, different lipstick. If passed, this unfunded mandate would cause the greatest harm to rural counties and become yet another corrupted tool of those who want to remove guns from citizens.  

I encourage you to pick up your phone and call your elected officials to send a clear message to Vote No on the 2019 version of Marsy’s Law to protect our rights to due process and the Second Amendment.

All bills can be viewed at the website where there is a short summary in simplified language for each of the 215 bills that have been introduced to date. (Click here)


Visitors to the Capitol

I had the privilege of meeting Homody Jasim, an Iraqi soldier and valuable spy for the United States in the war on terrorism who visited the Capitol last week. Homody shared his newly released documentary film The Terrorist Whisperer. It was a very sobering film and showed the critical importance of his efforts to save many American lives.

It was also good to spend time with some of my District’s county commissioners who visited Boise for a conference with the Idaho Association of Counties.  (Newly elected Commissioner Steve Bradshaw in photo)