District 25 Newsletter - March 9, 2018

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Idaho State Legislture

March 9, 2018

Idaho Day 2018

Idaho Day 1

On Monday members of the House and Senate celebrated the birth of our state with a program honoring Idaho’s heritage.  This year's theme was “Idaho Remembers” in honor of the 100th Anniversary of WWI Armistice and all Idaho Veterans who have served.  

idaho day

In the House of Representatives a musical medley of patriotic songs was performed by “The Belles of Eagle”.


Breanna Williams, who was introduced as one of Idaho’s signing bluebirds, sang “Here We Have Idaho” for the Senate.    

A note from Senator Patrick


This week I had the honor of sponsoring Workforce Development legislation (HO432).  

The bill has passed both the Senate and the House and is now awaiting the signature of the Governor.  

Workforce Development Council fine-turned

The Idaho Workforce Development Council provides strategic direction and oversight for Idaho's workforce development system. The Council members represent business, workers, education, state and local government and community-based organizations. The primary role of the Council is to advise Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter and the State Board of Education on strategies designed to yield high-quality workforce investment services for Idaho's businesses, job seekers and students.


This week the Senate passed legislation (HO432) to make the council more responsive to the needs of Idaho employers by including industry leaders.  The legislation also addresses the shortage of well-educated, trained and skilled employees available in Idaho’s labor market.  In addition, the legislation authorizes use of the Workforce Development Training Fund for public information and outreach on career education and workforce training opportunities. 

A note from Rep. Kauffman

The Resources Committee heard a report from the Treasure Valley Water Users Association reporting on flood districts #10 & #11.  


Last year during the flood in the Boise area1.8 million-acre feet of water was released for flood control through the Treasure Valley. Flood control began in mid-February and continued for 101 days. 1.8 million-acre feet of water is enough water to cover 1.8 million acres with one foot of water.  For perspective Twin Falls and Jerome Counties equal about 2.2 million acres. 10 levies were damaged on the Weiser River.   Flooding was a statewide issue last year and some areas are still working to address damage.

Flood management has three parts: risk reduction, response, and recovery. Risk reduction occurs before a flood event and includes river channel maintenance, obstruction removal, bank stabilization, and public information and outreach. Response during the flood event includes continued public information and outreach, mitigation to reduce damages, and removal of obstructions. The recovery phase after the flood event includes damage assessments, prioritization of repairs, and repair work.


We received the February General Fund Report.    Click Here for the full report. 


February was the fourth consecutive month that General Fund receipts have exceeded their forecasts. They were $166.1 million this month, which is more than expected by $44.3 million. They have been above projections in every month except for October 2017. For the fiscal year to date, General Fund receipts are $2,432.3 million or (5.7%) more than was predicted and 12.0% above the same period last year. The largest contributor to this month’s surplus was the individual income tax of an additional $29.7 million above projections. Also, the sales tax contributed another $6.3 million to this month’s surplus, with actual receipts of $103.9 million exceeding the predicted $97.7 million. The corporate income tax was forecast to be slightly negative (-$0.6 million) this month, but it came in at $3.4 million—a $4.0 million surplus.


 Revenue & Taxation Committee

This week we had bills dealing with distribution of Sales Tax to cities and counties. It has been several years since the formula has been adjusted and the sponsor thought it needed to be reviewed.  The bill was introduced and will not move forward this session but will be available publicly for everyone to comment on.


A bill proposing an opioid tax at the distributor level with the money going to addiction recovery programs was held in committee.  The debate centered around adding a new tax that the consumer would end up paying.


Next week we will hear a bill that will address another part of conformity with the Federal tax code.  It deals with foreign income and bringing money from overseas back to the U.S. 


We received a report card on Idaho Infrastructure from the American Society of Civil Engineers.  The report included bridges (D), dams (C), drinking water(C), energy (B-), roads (C-), schools (C-) and wastewater (B-).


Civil engineering experts and infrastructure professionals in their respective fields from the Southern Idaho Section of ASCE, prepared the 2018 Report Card for Idaho Infrastructure.  The report card is created to educate and advise the public and elected officials on the existing status of our State’s infrastructure.  With Idaho’s population growth we need to be proactive in looking for ways to fund, maintain and improve our infrastructure.  Whether it is a high hazard dam, a structurally deficient bridge, a poorly maintained road, aging pipeline or other questionable infrastructure we need to move forward to fix and preserve public safety.

Most of the Committees are winding down with House Bills that need to be sent to the Senate this week to keep the schedule for the session.


Thank you for the honor of serving as your District 25 Representative.


Rep. Kauffman wins money for schools!


The High Five Children's Health Collaborative, powered by the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation, challenged Idaho legislators to walk as much as they could during the month of February 2018. This year Legislators walked over 10+ Million steps during the Steps for Schools Challenge.  That is more than enough to get everyone from Boise to DC and Back to Boise again!

Winners of the Steps for Schools challenge earned cash to fund physical activity equipment or walking programs at schools in their legislative district. Representative Clark Kauffman from District 25 was recognized this week as one of the winners of this challenge.  Click Here for more information. 

steps for schools

A note from Rep. Bell

Lawn mowers are running back and forth on a lawn that is just beginning to have color.  Just days ago, the parking spaces were half filled with snow.  While I am a little surprised at the lawn work, the calendar says it is time for a change of seasons.  That change has come to the activity in the legislature also.  The calendar is filled each day, and even those bills that are more complicated are discussed and dispatched more quickly   The longest debate centered on the move to ask the citizens to vote for a Constitution Amendment to state more clearly the rights of victims. The effort failed to receive the necessary forty seven votes, so the issue is dead for this year. 

The budget bills are finally hitting the reading calendar.  We started many weeks ago to hold the hearings.  The heavy lifting happens with the extensive work to put the decisions into clear and concise bills to be sent to the voting bodies.  One more morning and perhaps a little clean-up will finish my final budget setting process. 



Representative Kauffman again made the extra effort to get 10,000 steps a day.  This is the third year that his efforts have brought in $500.00 for one of our schools.  I get to do the drawing and leave the walking to him.  Happy to say this check will go to Filer.  

Hansen school

We had a great visit from Mr. Lasso and his Social Studies Class from Hansen.  The class always brings some bills they have written.  The topics are timely and very much in the news.  We enjoy the give and take with this group High School students, and am grateful they take time to visit their Capitol. 


The goal to be finished is now just two weeks away.  This is the time when too many issues show up to be addressed that should have been in the works for a month.  Human nature always seems to prevail.  

Again, my sincere thanks for the opportunity to serve at your representative. 

Jim Patrick

Jim Patrick



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