Farewell to the Greater Midwest Region and Hello to Region 6!

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Greater Midwest Region Weekly Digest

April 30, 2021

Today (April 30) marks the final day that the University of Iowa’s Hardin Library for the Health Sciences will serve as the Regional Medical Library (RML) for the Greater Midwest Region (GMR). Five years ago, we embarked on the journey to become the GMR’s RML and are grateful for the relationships and partnerships we’ve established along the way. Our staff have visited and presented in each of the GMR’s 10 states, and our funding awards have made impacts stretching from North Dakota to Kentucky. Our Partner Outreach Library Program has reached more than 4,000 participants with programming in more than 50 cities across the region. We’ve been lucky to have fantastic partners who share our dedication to advance the progress of medicine and improve the public's health by providing education and access to information for U.S. researchers, health professionals, public health workforce, educators, and the public.

On May 1, the structure of the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) will shift. NNLM is moving from 8 regions to 7, and with that a restructuring of regions. The GMR, as it is now known, will move from 10 states to 7. We will miss our partners in North Dakota, South Dakota and Kentucky. In addition, the RML will no longer be known as the GMR, but as Region 6. I’m thrilled that Hardin Library will be able to continue to serve in its role as the RML for Region 6!

In just the past year, the GMR has distributed over $700,000 across the 10-state region and reached more than 20,000 people through our training, engagement, and outreach projects. This past year has been challenging, but it’s affirmed my belief in the importance of the work that we do and the work that you do. Look for more opportunities to learn about our plan for the next year, and beyond, in the coming months.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out us! We can’t wait to get started and continue to build on the work we’ve all accomplished over the past five years.

Derek Johnson, MLIS
Associate Director, GMR (soon to be Region 6)

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