Meeting Information: May 13, 2022 Medical Cannabidiol Board Meeting

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Meeting Information for May 13, 2022 Medical Cannabidiol Board Meeting

Beginning at 10:00am on Friday, May 13, the second Medical Cannabidiol Board meeting of 2022 will be held virtually using the information below:

  • Zoom Link  (click link to join during scheduled time)

    • Pass Code: 2222

  • Dial-in: 646.876.9923

    • Pass Code: 2222

  • Webinar ID: 836.6601.8380

For those who wish to participate in the public comment period, please send an email to expressing your interest. You will use the zoom or dial-in information to join the meting when provided. There will also be a period during the call to order where there will be an additional opportunity for participants to sign-up via email for the public comment period.*


The agenda for this meeting is linked below:

At this meeting, the Board will also be reviewing the minutes from the February 11, 2022 meeting:


For any questions, the Office of Medical Cannabidiol can be reached by phone at (515)-725-2076. To add your name to the list to provide public comment, please email the Office of Medical Cannabidiol at