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CAB Connection - November 2020

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Adoption Day

Welcome New Volunteers!

Barbara Andersen, CASA, Pottawattamie Co. Sarah Biorn, CASA, Pottawattamie Co.
Deborah Bush, FCRB, Cherokee County Lori Ebel, FCRB, Cherokee County
Susan Evans, CASA, Polk County Patricia Grady, CASA, Polk County
Megan Heath, CASA, Pottawattamie Co. Andrea Heyenga, FCRB, Bremer County
Cara Kline, CASA, Pottawattamie Co. Nicole Knowles, CASA, Pottawattamie Co.
Connie Ladwig, FCRB, Cherokee County Sandra Lingard, CASA, Benton County
Jessica Michalski, CASA, Pottawattamie Co. Caroline Nelson, FCRB, Clay County
Ashley Otte, CASA, Polk County Dagan Peacock-Fleming, CASA, Polk Co.
Rochelle Pfeifer, CASA, Woodbury County Michael Richards, FCRB, Scott County
Rebecca Robinson, FCRB, Scott County Marti Strand, CASA, Mills County

Courtney Williams, CASA, Pottawattamie Co.      Ken Williams, CASA, Pottawattamie Co.

North Central Iowa FCRB Facilitator

After several years with the Iowa Child Advocacy Board, Jamie Panning, stepped down from her most recent position as the FCRB facilitator for Black Hawk, Bremer, Butler, Chickasaw, Franklin and Grundy counties in early October. Jamie shared her wealth of child welfare knowledge and experience with the local boards and provided consistency for them throughout the past few years. We wish her the best in her new adventure as a Foster/Adoptive Licensing and Support Caseworker with Four Oaks.

As one door closes, another one opens. We welcome Beth Ochsner as the new FCRB facilitator for these north central Iowa counties. Beth has a background in elementary education and a strong desire to work with others to ensure the safety and well-being of children. We look forward to getting to know Beth better as she begins her work as a facilitator.

Trainer's Corner:  Gratitude


November in the United States is typically considered the month to give thanks for our blessings.  It’s not a secret that feeling thankful for what you have can be a significant mood lifter, especially if done on a regular basis. But sometimes, gratitude might feel downright impossible to cultivate, in particular when times are difficult.  Most of us might agree that 2020 has definitely been a challenging year!!  

But the good news, it’s easier than you might first think to change your mindset and embrace gratitude.  Consider gratitude as your own personal path to self-care!  The first step on that path, is becoming intentional about your daily practice of identifying, “I am grateful for…” and learning how you can best support that daily practice.  For some, it might be while going on a walk out in nature, when practicing yoga, or keeping a gratitude journal.  For many of our CASA and FCRB volunteers, this might occur while giving back to others through your donation of time and energy to our organization. But whichever method you choose to do as you cultivate your self-care and daily dose of gratitude, please hear us when we say:  WE are Grateful for YOU!


To learn more about practicing gratitude, click on the links below:

To begin practicing today, here are some potential phone apps that may support your journey!



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