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March 19, 2020

Bridges in the Age of Coronavirus

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There have been many questions lately about doing more with Bridges so that you can better assist your patrons while the library doors are locked. Things will continue changing, so watch for news to come.

OverDrive is negotiating with publishers to provide special deals during this situation. So far we’ve been able to add over 4,000 items from Duke Classics. They are primarily eBook, but there are audio as well. They are all on a simultaneous use license. That means they are always available to as many people as want to check them out. We’re planning to add more simultaneous use as additional things come available.

We have increased the patron checkout limit from 3 to 5. Some people will love that, others won’t care. Do note that it may very well affect the number of holds.

Things you can do

  • If you have Advantage, consider moving more of your print budget to digital - you can immediately impact your patron’s wait lists
  • If you don’t have Advantage, this might be a good time to sign up
  • Consider Advantage Plus - the titles your patrons have already read may be new to others
    • If you’ve already signed up, make sure your plan is running smoothly
  • Use OverDrive’s Library’s Closed Kit to help you spread the word
  • Have staff familiarize themselves with OverDrive’s help so they’re ready to help patrons
    • There are instructional videos also

Remind your patrons

  • Bridges has over 100,000 items and it’s open 24/7
  • Magazines are already always available and do not count against patron checkout limits
  • Please return their books when they finish early - it will help the next person in line (instructions)
  • Limit searches to things that are currently available - it will be less frustrating

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