April 2018 AFO eNews -- eMMP rolls out, new fish animal unit added, MAC certification

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Animal feeding operation updates masthead

April 13, 2018

eMMP rolled out and questions roll in

The new electronic manure management plan application or eMMP rolled out March 23 when personal identification number (PIN) letters were mailed to one owner of each confinement facility needing an MMP.

During the first two weeks, it’s proved very popular with producers. According to the numbers:

  • 152 new State of Iowa login IDs were created.
  • 94 plans were submitted and paid for online.

DNR field offices have been answering a few questions and helping people with the process. Go to DNR’s eMMP page for a new fact sheet eMMP FAQs to answer the following questions:

  1. I’ve tried, but I can’t submit my manure management plan online. Why not?
  2. When I try to submit my MMP, I get the “Not Applicable” message. What’s wrong?
  3. I did not receive a PIN letter. Why not?

Reminder: You can save time, money and miles by using the eMMP. 

New animal unit number added for fish confinements

Effective April 4, Governor Reynolds signed House File 2281 creating a new animal unit for small fish raised in a confinement feeding operation.

"This is an example of regulations that protect the environment while encouraging entrepreneurship," said Chuck Gipp, DNR director. "Adding a separate category for small fish will allow new start-ups while existing regulations protect our waters."

The bill established the animal unit number for fish weighing less than 25 grams at 0.00006. The animal unit for fish weighing more than 25 grams remains at 0.001.  

Animal units are a special equivalency factor used to calculate animal unit capacity (AUC). To determine AUC, multiply the number of animals by the animal unit factor. For example, 8.35 million fish weighing less than 25 grams would have an AUC of 501.

Is your certificate current? Warmer weather coming.

We can hope. A few signs of spring may mean manure application season will be here soon. 

While it's still cold, take time to dig out your manure applicator certificate and make sure it's current. If not, there's still time, and three ways, to renew your certification or take required training. 

Check the IMMAG or DNR websites to schedule training with Iowa State Extension or pass a test at a DNR field office. Or, log in and take the training online through DNR's website.