DNR statement on Iowa Supreme Court Ruling

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DNR General Press Release

June 16, 2017


Iowa DNR issues statement on Iowa Supreme Court Ruling

MEDIA CONTACT: Alex Murphy, DNR Director of Communications, (515) 729-7533, alex.murphy@dnr.iowa.gov.

DES MOINES, Iowa -- As the state agency created and tasked with protecting Iowa’s natural resources, including Iowa’s world-renown white-tailed deer herd, we respect but are disappointed with the decision issued today by the Iowa Supreme Court in Brakke v. Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The Department’s quarantine of Pine Ridge Hunting Reserve was intended to prevent the wild deer herd from accessing the chronic wasting disease exposed soil on site. Chronic wasting disease prions exist in the environment without a live host.

Chronic wasting disease may be devastating to the health of Iowa’s deer herd. Among others, this could impact the more than 200,000 Iowans who hunt, which contributes more than $300 million annually to local communities. 

Link to SUPCO decision on Brakke v. Iowa Department of Natural Resource