FWC approves new rule changes for hunting and managed areas

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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Feb. 22, 2024

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FWC approves new rule changes for hunting and managed areas

At its February meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved rule changes related to the 2024-25 hunting seasons, including many dealing with FWC-managed areas. Rule change proposals are based on requests from staff, cooperators and stakeholders, and summaries of all proposed rule amendments were provided to the public online for commenting beginning Sept. 20, 2023, resulting in over 16,000 responses.

These rule changes include the establishment of a new wildlife management area in Liberty County, Telogia Creek WMA, which will offer over 12,000 acres of hunting opportunities for deer, wild turkey, small game, wild hog, dove and duck.

“We appreciate how much work has gone into these new rules,” said FWC Vice Chairman Steven Hudson. “Staff have gone above and beyond to consider stakeholder input.”

Other notable changes include:

  • New hunting opportunities. Establish new hunts, expand current seasons or remove quotas on 36 WMAs across the state.
  • Persons with Disabilities Crossbow Permits. Allow persons who possess a valid Persons with Disabilities Crossbow Permit to use airbows (pre-charged pneumatic airguns firing arrows) during archery season.
  • Squirrel hunting on private land. Allow the take of gray squirrel year-round on lands outside the WMA system.
  • Transporting live raccoons. Allow the transport of wild-trapped, live raccoons by persons possessing a valid wildlife rehabilitation permit.
  • Deer Dog Hunting Permit on WMAs. Require a no-cost permit for taking deer with dogs on WMAs.

For more information about the rulemaking process, visit MyFWC.com/About, then click on, “Rules & Regulations.”


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