2022-23 Deer Season Details

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Remember antlerless deer permit tagging requirements on enrolled private lands

Antlerless deer

If you’re hunting on lands enrolled in the FWC’s Antlerless Deer Permit Program, please remember all antlerless deer you harvest must be tagged with an antlerless deer tag before moving the deer from the point of harvest. The requirement applies even if they are harvested on a day when the take of antlerless deer is otherwise allowed within the zone the enrolled lands are in (e.g., archery season). The program’s permit and associated tags allow a specific number of antlerless deer to be harvested so if an enrolled property receives five antlerless deer tags then only five antlerless deer may be taken on the property during the entire hunting season.

Don't Forget to Log and Report Harvested Deer (and wild turkey)

All hunters who harvest deer, including antlerless deer harvested on lands enrolled in the Antlerless Deer Permit Program, are required to log their harvest prior to moving it from the point where the harvested animal was located. In addition, hunters must report their harvest to the FWC’s harvest reporting system 1) within 24 hours of harvest, or 2) prior to final processing, or 3) prior to the deer or wild turkey or any parts thereof being transferred to a meat processor or taxidermist, or 4) prior to the deer or wild turkey leaving the state, whichever occurs first.

A new rule that took effect in July 2022 requires all hunters to log and report wild turkeys they harvest as well. The requirement to log and report harvested deer and wild turkey applies to all hunters, including those exempt from license requirements, Learn how to log and report harvested deer and wild turkey.

Enter the CWD Monitoring Sweepstakes to win valuable prizes!

CWD Monitoring Sweepstakes

You can be eligible to win prizes AND support the FWC’s need for testing more deer for chronic wasting disease in specific areas of the state. By donating the heads of white-tailed deer harvested from Taylor, Dixie, Lafayette, Gilchrist, DeSoto, Lee, Hendry and Collier counties, you’ll be entered to win one of five prize packages. Each prize package is valued at $1,000 and contains a cooler, trail camera, binoculars and a game processing knife kit. If you’re donating antlered deer, you may remove and keep the skull cap and antlers. Learn more about sweepstakes prizes and rules and find donation locations at FLCWDsweepstakes.com

Wondering about CWD? Watch the FWC’s new “About Chronic Wasting Disease” video to learn what causes CWD, why it’s a concern, and how the FWC and its partners are working to prevent it from spreading into Florida.

Encountering deer with collars or ear tags in Zone C

North FLorida Deer Study collared deer

Hunters might encounter collared or ear-tagged deer at Osceola Wildlife Management Area and surrounding areas or the counties surrounding Ordway-Swisher Biological Station including Putnam, Clay and Alachua. These deer are part of a research project that includes investigating deer mortality. Hunter harvest is a component of the study. Hunters may harvest collared or ear-tagged deer if the deer is legal to harvest. FWC researchers urge hunters to not let the presence of a collar or ear tag impact their decision.

If you harvest a deer with a collar or ear tags, call 352-334-4211 or 352-226-0753 as soon as possible after the harvest. Ear tags and collars also have a phone number that you can call during weekends.

What to know if you’re planning to hunt deer, elk, moose or caribou outside of Florida

Moving infected carcasses is one of the known risks for introducing chronic wasting disease or CWD prions to new areas. To reduce the risk of CWD spreading into Florida, people may not import or possess carcasses or certain carcass parts from any species in the deer family (such as deer, elk, moose, caribou) originating outside of Florida. Learn more about what can and cannot be imported or possessed in Florida by reviewing the graphic below or watching the FWC’s short video about preventing CWD in Florida.

Carcass importation Rules

Treestand safety tips

Treestand safety

While September is designated as treestand safety awareness month, safety should be top of mind every time you use a treestand.

When hunting from a treestand, remember to ALWAYS:

  • Use a fall-arrest system/full-body harness.
  • Stay connected to the tree from the time you leave the ground until you’re back down.
  • Inspect the treestand, all safety devices and the fall-arrest system/full-body harness before each use.

Get more tips by taking this treestand safety course.

Upcoming hunting season dates

The following season dates do not apply to wildlife management areas

Zone A

Zone C

  • Archery season: Sept. 17 – Oct. 16
  • Crossbow season: Sept. 17 – Oct. 21

Find more information about 2022-2023 hunting season dates and bag limits.

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