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Plan now to take a young person hunting

Youth Hunt

Check out the opportunities below to introduce a young person to hunting waterfowl, wild turkeys, wild hogs and more!

Youth Waterfowl Hunting Days

The second Youth Waterfowl Hunting Day of the 2021-2022 season is set for Feb. 12, 2022, which is the second Saturday after the regular duck season closes. It provides youth 15-years-old and younger the opportunity to hunt ducks, light geese, Canada geese, mergansers, coots and common gallinules (moorhens), while supervised by a nonhunting adult. No license or permit is required of the youth or supervising adult.

Youth can hunt on private property with landowner permission and on most waterbodies that have public access (public boating landing/launch). Learn more about Youth Waterfowl Hunting Days, including special events at T.M. Goodwin, Stormwater Treatment Area 1W, and Guana River - Lake Ponte Vedra.

Youth Turkey Hunt Weekends

The FWC's Youth Spring Turkey Hunt Weekends are another great way to share an outdoor adventure with a young person! The first Youth Turkey Hunt Weekend is Feb. 26-27 south of State Road 70. The second one is March 12-13 north of State Road 70.

These Saturday-Sunday hunts are available to youth 15 years old and younger and occur on many wildlife management areas (WMAs) and on lands outside of the WMA system. Learn more and find public hunting opportunities without a quota permit during the Youth Spring Turkey Hunt weekends

Youth Hunting Program of Florida

We have 30 hunts on our Youth Hunting Program calendar this spring for wild turkey, wild hog and more. These mentored hunts provide youth who have never hunted with opportunities to learn about conservation and gain new outdoor skills. To participate, youth must be between 12 and 17 years old, have passed a hunter safety course and be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Tell your friends, co-workers, and neighbors about the Youth Hunting Program so we can introduce a new generation to hunting!

FWC hosts Veterans and Active Military Waterfowl Hunting Days Feb. 5 - 6

Lesser scaup

To show appreciation, the FWC is offering Veterans and Active Military Waterfowl Hunting Days Feb. 5 – 6, the weekend after the regular waterfowl hunting season closes. This special weekend allows veterans and members of the Armed Forces on active duty, including members of the National Guard and Reserves, to hunt ducks, geese, mergansers, coots and common gallinules (moorhens).

During this opportunity, waterfowl hunting is permitted on private property with landowner permission and on waterbodies with public access (public boat landing/launch). Many wildlife management areas that allow migratory game bird hunting also are available for those who wish to participate in the Veterans and Active Military Waterfowl Hunting Days. Some of these areas require an Active Military and Veteran Waterfowl Quota Permit in addition to a hunting license, migratory bird permit, Florida waterfowl permit (unless exempt) and a federal duck stamp.

Find more information about regulations and where to hunt during Veterans and Active Military Waterfowl Days.

Lesser scaup photo courtesy of

Turkey Hunting 101 workshop for young adults

Turkey  Hunting 101

Young adults interested in organic gardening and harvesting local organic meat through hunting are invited to attend a free workshop hosted Feb. 16 by UNF's Ogier Gardens in Jacksonville. The workshop will feature information about safe, responsible hunting; wild game processing and cooking; and wildlife and conservation. It will also include hands-on opportunities to use a crossbow. Plus, there will be a lottery drawing for those who would like to participate in a guided turkey hunt! The Intro to Organic Gardening portion of the workshop begins at 10 a.m. and the turkey hunting component starts at 11 a.m. Learn more and register.

Time to build or maintain wood duck nest boxes

Building a wood duck nest box

If you live on or near a lake, stream or wetland, you can improve your chances of seeing wood ducks by putting up a nest box. In Florida, nesting can happen anytime from late January to August with most nesting occurring February through June. Now is a great time to build a nest box or clean, repair and replace nesting material in an existing one. Whether you’re building or maintaining a next box, don’t forget the predator guard to improve the chances of a successful hatch!

Hunt at a quail enhancement area


There’s still January and February 2022 hunt dates for the FWC's quail enhancement areas. QEAs are located in specified wildlife management areas and feature land management activities that benefit bobwhites. Find QEA hunts dates and locations and more information at

Photo courtesy of Jim Turlington

CWD detected in Alabama

Chronic wasting disease or CWD was recently detected in a hunter-harvested deer in northwestern Alabama, making it the 28th state where CWD has been documented. It’s the first time CWD has been detected in a state that borders Florida. To protect Florida deer from CWD, we’re reminding people who plan to hunt deer, elk, moose, caribou or other members of the deer family out of state about rules that prohibit importing or possessing whole carcasses or high-risk parts of all species of the deer family originating from any place outside of Florida. Learn more about these new rules by reviewing this video and infographic.

CWD map

Hunting Season Dates

Following are upcoming hunting season dates on lands outside of the wildlife management area system. Find more information about 2021-2022 hunting season dates and bag limits.

Visit to find hunting opportunities at a WMA.


Zone B 

Antlered Deer (Find specific antler point regulations for Zone B).

  • General Gun season runs through Feb. 20

Zone D

Antlered Deer (Find specific antler point regulations for Zone D)

  • General Gun season runs through Feb. 20
  • Muzzleloading Gun season (2nd phase) runs Feb. 21-27

Gray Squirrel

  • Runs through March 6 (statewide)


  • Runs through March 6 (statewide)

Spring Wild Turkey

South of State Road 70

North of State Road 70

2021-2022 Florida migratory bird hunting season dates 

Note: The following dates may not apply to wildlife management areas. Visit our migratory bird hunting seasons dates webpage for more information.

Quota/limited entry permit deadlines in January and February

If you're interested in quota permits to hunt public lands, check out these opportunities and log into to apply for:

Standby Opportunities Active Military and Veteran Waterfowl 

  • Phase II Leftovers       1/13/2022 – until filled or the final hunt date

Returned Waterfowl and Quota Hunt Permits

Returned waterfowl and quota hunt permits may be applied for throughout the season during weekly reissue application periods. Permit availability is shown in real time, and weekly reissue applications are available for hunters between noon on Saturdays through noon on Tuesdays, with results posted at

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